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Dryness of skin

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Dryness of skin

Dryness of skin is the commonest condition characterized by the lack of water content in superficial layer of skin. Areas such as the arms, hands, and particularly lower legs tend to be more affected by dry skin. Dry skin is also known as xeroderma. Dryness of skin can be temporary, and can be severe and long term condition.


Symptoms of dry skin include discomfort from skin tightness and itching. In addition, external factors such as weather can affect the severity of skin dryness.


It can be internal and external both. External factors include cold temperatures, use of excess of soap, detergent, and low humidity. Internal factors include overall health, age, genetics, family history, and a personal history of other medical conditions like atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, thyroid complaint, Vitamin “A” deficiency, etc. Drugs for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergies, and acne can also cause dryness of skin.


Dry skin can be prevented by avoid strong soaps and detergents, use indoor room humidifiers, limit exposure to irritants such as solvents, avoid wool clothing, use cotton and natural fiber clothing.

Homoeopathic management

Drugs like Anarcardium, Antim crudum, Arsenic album, Berberis vulgaris, Borista, Graphites, Hepar Sulphur, Kali arsenicosum, Magnum acet., Mercurious, Mezerium, Petroleum, Plumbum, Psorium, Rhus toxicodendron, Sulpur, Sulpur iodate, etc. are frequently prescribed homoeopathic physicians.

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