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Tackling Hyperacidity with Homeopathy

Most of us are no strangers to the discomfort and burning sensation of acidity and get visited by this condition time and again. Indeed, modern eating habits are increasingly predisposing us to hyperacidity and associated problems. Our meals are now more fats and spices than fruits and fibers, and it is showing in our digestive ability. Whereas physical activity was a part of daily life in previous days, today one has to make a conscious effort to keep their body mobile. Our recreational habits have changed, and so have our work and sleep patterns. It is therefore no surprise that our metabolic processes, and especially digestion, have taken a hit for the worse.

The literal meaning of hyperacidity is an increase in acid amount. Medically, though, the condition has more to do with reflux of acid into the food pipe than with increased production of acid. This generally happens in GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease. In this condition the band of muscle guarding the lower end of food pipe fails to prevent backflow of stomach contents and therefore regurgitation of acid content takes place. However, hyperacidity may simply occur as a consequence of poor food and lifestyle choices rather than due to an actual pathology. It is important to exclude medical causes of excess acidity before one explores treatment options.

Hyperacidity is a symptom rather than a diagnosis. It is important to recognize and treat the condition causing excess acidity. This is because unchecked acid formation can lead to various chronic complications that are difficult to cure. The most significant of these is peptic ulcer. A peptic ulcer occurs when the inner lining of stomach or small intestine gets eroded due to excess acid formation. The lining gets irritated by persistent acid contact and eventually ulcers form. This is not only a painful condition but has its own set of complications and sequelae.

A heavy dinner followed by immediate rest causes significant acidity. So does copious amounts of alcohol intake. Fatty, oily, greasy foods rich in spices are all implicative factors for this condition. A sedentary lifestyle with limited or no physical activity is also a major cause. Yet another very important factor is stress. Stressed individuals suffer greatly from digestive disturbances, hyperacidity being one of them. Anxiety, stress and tension multiply the problem of acid reflux manifold. A relaxation of the mental state improves the physical symptoms as well.

For recurrent cases of hyperacidity homeopathic medicine can be complemented with home remedies. To obtain relief from heartburn and hyperacidity, there are several food items found in daily household use that can help. Even before medication, or along with it, these home remedies can greatly help to counter the problem of acidity naturally. The first and foremost item is basil leaves. Basil, or tulsi, provides instant relief from acidity and flatulence. Three or four leaves of basil can be boiled in a little water, cooled slightly, and then sipped every few minutes. Same can be done with fennel seeds, or it can be made into tea. One can also make tea with cinnamon which is an effective antioxidant and antacid. A small piece of jaggery taken after meals is tradition in many Indian households. It also has the added benefits of countering acid reflux. Cloves and cumin seeds included in meals are similarly effective. Yet another beneficial food is ginger; it has anti-inflammatory and pro-digestive properties that help tone up digestion. It is said that bananas also contain antacids and help to remove excess acid from the gastrointestinal tract. As every individual has a different body make-up, what works best for you may not work so well for someone else. One must explore what provides them maximum relief and include this in their routine.

Schwabe India have been instrumental in manufacturing and distributing hyperacidity medicine in India. Among their vast range of products, one can find the best homeopathy medicine for hyperacidity and ulcers occurring as a consequence. For cases of hyperacidity medicine in homeopathy is safe to use, prompt in action and quick to relieve. A very effective homeopathic medicine for hyperacidity is Alpha-Acid by Schwabe India which tackles not only excess acid formation and reflux but also other symptoms associated with it. Heartburn, frequent burping, flatulence, pain and indigestion are some of these associated symptoms. Nausea and vomiting may also occur with excess acid reflux, and so can headache. These symptoms are also promptly resolved with this remedy. Two tablets twice or thrice a day usually suffice. For children half of this dose is sufficient. There are no known side effects or contra-indications.

One of the twelve homeopathic tissue remedies is Natrum Phosphoricum and it has a special affinity for the digestive tract. Excess of acid production is a prominent symptom coming under the scope of this remedy. Heartburn, indigestion, dizziness and dullness from dyspeptic symptoms are all acted upon by this biochemic medicine. It is a routinely prescribed homeopathy remedy for hyperacidity. It is available in potencies such as 3x, 6x, 12x, 30x and so on. This medicine can be prescribed for hyperacidity along with other potencies and constitutional remedies and no interference between the two is noted. Therefore, it not only counters acid reflux it also helps to tone up the digestive processes and ensures that they run smoothly. It is suitable for children, old people and pregnant women as well. No disturbance in lactating mothers is noted either. In this way, homeopathy acts well to counter digestive disturbances. The best medicine for hyperacidity, however, is enforcing a nutritious and healthy diet and active lifestyle.