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Abdominal colic during travel

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Travel Sickness and Homeopathy

Travel is one of the many joys of life. In our busy routines with lack of time for ourselves and any leisure activities, vacations come as a welcome respite. It is necessary to take out the time from our busy lives to go travelling. Travel not only rejuvenates and refreshes us but it also adds rich and meaningful experiences into our life. People unable to travel indubitably miss out on a wholesome experience life has to offer.
It becomes very frustrating therefore when problems such as motion sickness set in while traveling. Nausea, vomiting and abdominal complaints not only cause major distress, they also dilute the pleasant experience of a vacation significantly. What was expected to be an escape from stress becomes yet another source of stress and discomfort. Be it a train ride, a bus journey or sea travel, motion sickness affects all these spheres and causes great amounts of panic. It is usual to find ourselves at a loss for what medicine to take for motion sickness, especially for those of us who suffer chronically from this complaint and cannot repeat allopathic medication frequently. A better solution is needed, one that cures naturally and efficiently without lingering side effects. This is where homeopathy comes in. Homeopathic medicine is the best motion sickness medicine for cruise, bus or railroad travel because not only is the medication easy to carry and administer, it also treats promptly and without any adverse effects.

Motion sickness is an unpleasant combination of symptoms that occur while traveling. These symptoms are nausea, vomiting, abdominal colic, dizziness and a general feeling of malaise. While the condition is pronounced during sea travel because of the characteristic motion of the vehicle and the waves, it is also frequently seen in relation to road and rail travel. Many people find it difficult to sit in a car, bus or train without developing unpleasant symptoms. Headache and breathing difficulties may also develop in some sensitive people. Generally, the complaints arise due to sensory disturbances occurring as a result of continuous rhythmic motions that occur during traveling. Their intensity varies in different people.

Abdominal colic is one symptom that may develop during travel sickness. However, it is necessary to differentiate it from colic due to other reasons. Colic is a frequently occurring symptom and has its cause in several diseases and disorders. Colic is a spasmodic cramping pain occurring in paroxysms. Colicky pains may technically develop when tubes or ducts get blocked or when an object tries to make its way through narrow structures. Thus, colic is the characteristic symptom occurring when a person has gall stones or renal stones. The condition is very distressing and needs immediate investigations to diagnose the condition.

Abdominal colic is also very common in children and may be due to stomach infections. Gastritis leads to colicky pains also. During travel, apprehension and anxiety about the impending travel may also cause stomach discomfort and indigestion. Generally, the condition is limited to dyspepsia and symptoms of indigestion but if severe cramping pains occur and persist for long then medical aid should be sought. It is best to get the condition investigated. An ultrasound generally helps in clearing up the diagnosis. Of course, the problem may simply be due to a stomach infection acquired while eating unreliable foods on vacation. For people who habitually develop abdominal symptoms during travel, homeopathy provides an excellent choice of treatment.

Not merely medical aid but a variety of home remedies can be adopted while on travel to sooth the disturbing motion sickness. It is said that a tiny piece of ginger swallowed whole helps in keeping travel sickness at bay. Peppermint can also be used similarly for this purpose. Olives also help similarly. Large meals and alcohol intake should be avoided. Fruits are a better option. Tea and apple juice may also be beneficial. Also, one must try to stay hydrated. Dryness of mouth will lead to more saliva production and that may trigger nausea. It is best not to travel on an empty stomach but heavy meals should also be avoided. The best approach is to take light meals or snacks like fruits regularly.

There are a few measures you can take to avoid motion sickness. If on a boat or a ferry, always try to sit as near to the center of the vehicle as possible. Also, always sit facing the direction of travel rather than the reverse direction. Look outside at things in the distance rather than focusing on the waves or the motion of the water. Avoid reading or working on your mobile phones. It is best to avoid watching videos on your mobile. If in a car or a train, sit in the front or near the window to get fresh air. Try to keep your head still and use a headrest. Specific things might work with specific people; some people prefer to keep changing their positions while some like to sit as still as possible. Generally, one is well aware of their preferences and whatever works best for you must be encouraged. You must also, however, be prepared for the worst case scenario (especially with children!) and keep extra paper bags for those emergency bouts of vomiting. It is also best to stay away from someone who is sick, particularly if you are sensitive and get easily affected. Let someone else with stronger nerves tend to the sick, you focus on keeping yourself well.

Let us now focus on the medicinal aspect of travel sickness. Home remedies and choosing the right seat and orientation may not always work for everyone. Some people are severely affected and require medicines to combat the queasy feeling of sickness. For motion sickness best medicine is one that cures quickly and effectively, without leaving any lingering feeling of illness or weakness. If you require motion sickness medicine any time you embark upon a journey, remember that Dr Willmar Schwabe provides excellent homeopathic medicine for motion sickness in India. The reason why homeopathy is a better option than the alternative is because its correct use over time diminishes your tendency to develop motion sickness in the first place. Besides, it is natural and does not cause any harmful side effects. Another plus point is that it can be taken by young and old alike and is not contra-indicated even in pregnant women. Hence, its use is widely encouraged by doctors all over the country.

So, what is the best medicine for motion sickness offered by homeopathy? It is indeed Alpha-MS by Schwabe India. The medicine is indicated for nausea, vomiting, giddiness, vertigo and headaches caused during traveling. It is also helpful for the weakness and malaise that comes associated with these complaints of motion sickness. It has a positive effect on abdominal pains, discomfort, flatulence and bloating also. The positive action of Alpha-MS on the combination of these symptoms makes it an excellent companion to be kept handy while traveling. Generally, two tablets are taken hourly and once you start feeling better you can take one tablet at interval of two hours. For quick motion sickness relief medicine may be repeated every fifteen minutes, and can be discontinued as relief sets in. The medicine can also be taken as a preventive before the onset of journey. Homeopaths routinely prescribe this remedy for chronic cases of motion sickness. It is best to consult your homeopathic physician for the accurate dosage to achieve best results.