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Deficient tooth enamel

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Tooth decay is softening and flaking of the enamel. It occurs when the tooth enamel is deficient. There is damage to the tooth structure due to plaque formation. The bacteria in the mouth which breaks down the sugar and food products, may produce acid causing further damage to tooth enamel. If not treated on time cavities may form. It is a nightmare of a child to have a cavity. All the favourite sugary sweets are banned for those kids. However, adults too can get cavities.

Signs and symptoms of decaying tooth enamel:

  • Pain,
  • Increased sensitivity of teeth to hot and cold,
  • Bad odours from the mouth,
  • Pits and cavity formation,
  • Pus (a serious symptom of teeth decay).


Causative factors for decaying tooth enamel:

Improper tooth hygiene, diet, eating sugary, sticky food is the main causative factor for cavities and decaying of teeth. We cannot blame a faulty diet as the only cause. The cavities may also be present even if the child is eating a decent diet. Genetics and other deficiencies play an important role too. In such cases, a constitutional remedy should be taken by consulting a good homeopath, who will guide you properly. Nevertheless, if cavities are not too troublesome extent, a conventional strategy can be applied.

Calcarea flourica is a biochemic homeopathic remedy often used in tooth enamel problems. It is present naturally in the form of a mineral called calcium fluoride. In the human body, it is present in the enamel of teeth, the surface of bones, in the skin, connective tissues, blood vessels, and tissue fibres. It is one of the 12 tissue salts by Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler. Homeopathy is based on the phenomena of nature ‘like cures like’. Therefore, Calcarea flourica acts to support any deficiency in the human body that may lead to a shortage of calcium fluoride. Consequently, it will act on and helps in repairing weakened tissue fibres, brittle bones, brittle teeth, deficient tooth enamel. In addition, it promotes flexibility in the body, relieves any swelling in the glands, back pains, sagging in face and arms. Calcarea flourica is generally given for decaying in teeth enamel. It slows down the process of decaying and relieves toothache.

A simple technique is to give this homeopathic medicine to children, by giving 3-4 tablets/pills orally or adding it in their glass of milk. It relieves pain in teeth quickly and gently. There is no side effect of this remedy. It can be prescribed to both children and adults. If the toothache is severe only medication is not enough, a visit to the dentist should not be overlooked. The cavities are not going to fill itself only with the medication. Proper guidance and filling of the cavity by a dentist is necessary. Otherwise, the holes will grow larger and destroy the whole tooth exposing the underlying nerves causing pain and infection.

Maintenance of oral hygiene is very important along with a good diet to avoid tooth decay. Taking good care of your teeth ultimately gives you healthier teeth. For healthier teeth you can practice the following:

  • Brushing your teeth regularly, twice a day to maintain healthy shiny teeth.
  • Dental-flossing and mouthwash to protect teeth from plaque build-up.
  • Limiting sugary sweets candies and chocolates
  • Avoiding sugary drinks aerated drinks
  • Frequent visits to the dentist.