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Can Homoepathy Cure Skin Problems Permanently?

There are a wide variety of skin disorders. Skin disorders can be painful or painless, localized or extensive, acute or chronic. Some skin conditions can be benign and others life-threatening. Skin problems have variable causes which can be genetic or environmental.

Skin problems are found to be common in people of all ages and both sexes all over the world. Children can experience many skin conditions just as adults. In addition, as they have more contact with other children and germs they tend to develop skin disorders that are found to be rare in adults.

Skin problems vary greatly in their manifestation. Typical symptoms of skin disorders include raised red or white bumps, painful or itchy rash, scaly and rough skin, peeling skin, ulcers, open sores or lesions, cracked skin, discoloured skin patches, fleshy bumps, warts and skin growths, change in colour or size of the mole and excessive flushing.

Skin disorders can arise from many causes as the skin is the largest organ of the body and is exposed to a wide variety of agents in day-to-day life. Many times symptoms on the skin are not exactly due to skin problems e.g. blisters from wearing new or ill-fitting shoes or chafing due to tight pants.

Some of the common causes found to affect the skin and lead to various skin disorders are bacteria trapped in skin pores and hair follicles, fungus, parasites and microorganisms thriving on the skin, viruses, weak immunity, allergens, irritants, coming in contact with an infected person’s skin and genetic factors. Illnesses affecting the thyroid gland, immune system, kidneys and other systems of the body as with many other lifestyle factors can lead to the development of skin disorders. It is seen that people with diabetes experience skin disorders due to their condition at some point.

At times the drugs used to treat an illness causes skin conditions as side effects. Pregnancy due to many changes in hormone levels either aggravates pre-existing skin problems or leads to new skin conditions.

However, most of the skin condition that arises during pregnancy goes away after the birth of a baby. Stress which is a part and parcel of modern life also triggers or aggravates skin problems by causing hormonal imbalance in the body. Sun and its harmful UV radiation are another commonly found culprit. Apart from this, it is found that some skin diseases have no identifiable cause.

It is important to know that although some skin problems especially genetic skin conditions or those arising due to other illnesses cannot be prevented it is possible to prevent some skin disorders.

One must follow certain tips like washing hands with soap and water frequently, avoiding sharing utensils and glasses with other people, avoiding direct skin contact with an infected person, sleeping for at least seven hours each night, avoiding sharing personal items like combs, swimsuits, blankets, cleaning things in public spaces like gym and sports equipment before using them, avoiding excessive physical or emotional stress, eating a nutritious diet and drinking plenty of water, getting vaccinated timely, avoiding contact with environmental or dietary irritants and allergens and protecting skin from excessive heat, cold and wind, washing face with gentle cleanser and water every day and using moisturizer.

Thus learning about proper skin care can be very important for skin health. While some commonly occurring skin conditions like dermatitis often respond well to homeopathic treatment, certain conditions like malignant melanoma can only be palliated.

The various forms of eczema are contact dermatitis which is caused by contact with any substance to which an individual is sensitive. Atopic dermatitis involves an inherited tendency to allergies and runs in families, seborrheic dermatitis involves the face and scalp in adults and scalp and nappy area in infants, and varicose eczema occurs in older people and is often linked to varicose veins.

Other common skin problems like acne which occurs mainly in teenagers and is linked to androgens and psoriasis which is an autoimmune disorder causing rapid and excessive chafing of the upper layer of the skin are safely treated with homeopathic medicines.

Skin disorders are among the commonest problems for which patients especially children refer to homeopathic treatment. It is found that homeopathy helps to get rid of present skin symptoms without any side effects or suppressions and gradually helps to overcome the tendency to have such skin problems.

Homeopathic medicines for Curing skin problems?

The best homeopathic medicine for either rash, fungal infection or various other skin disorders is the one most similar to disease manifestation in each case. Homeopathy is a holistic system of therapeutics and the cause of skin problems can be psychological, biological or environmental.

Thus to treat skin patients physician has to elicit local skin symptoms including the appearance of lesions e.g round lesions like ringworm- Bacillinum, an area involved e.g extensors as in Malandrinum & Kreosotum or folds as in Graphites, sensation e.g. severe burning leading to restlessness- Anthracinum, modality of symptoms e.g. burning better by heat- Arsenic album , burning better by cold- Apis mellifica, and presence of any discharge from the lesions e.g. sticky discharge as in Graphites or weeping eczema as in Dulcamara along with personality traits and psychological features as well as the generals or physical features of the patient as a whole e.g. skin disorder in a depressed person with suicidal thoughts- Aurum metallicum, keratosis or corns with a tendency to overeat or desire for pickles- Antimonium crudum.

It is often seen that aggravation or flare-up occurs at the onset of homeopathic treatment for skin problems. Patients should be reassured that such an occurrence is temporary. It is a good sign that the medicine selected is the best homeopathic medicine for the treatment of skin disease and treatment is provoking a reaction.

This aggravation subsides as the treatment is stopped. Such an aggravation might recur on restarting the treatment but is less severe and eventually goes away after a few start-stop cycles. The use of topical creams is not advised in homeopathic treatment for the fear of suppression. However, in some cases like cuts and chafing of skin calendula ointment can be used without harm.

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