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5 Effective Ways To Use Mother Tincture

Since the discovery of the Homeopathic system by Dr Hahnemann, Mother Tinctures have been in use for treating various conditions and also used in preparing further dilutions and potencies. Mother tincture refers to herbal extracts. The mother tincture is made of natural minerals or some animals. A mother tincture contains the lowest possible potency of any particular homoeopathic preparation. Mother tinctures have molecular action and they remain effective till their action ceases. Unlike crude drugs, these extracts, are easily accepted by the body. Homeopathic mother tincture is the first stage in the preparation of a remedy dilution.
Homeopathic mother tinctures are prepared from the following sources:

  • Vegetables
  • Minerals
  • Animals

Benefits of mother tinctures

Mother tinctures are totally safe in use, as indicated, for any disease condition. They can be taken internally and also used externally as the condition demands.

  • Mother tinctures have direct actions, unlike dilutions which act by stimulating the body’s own defence mechanism.
  • They are used as palliative medicine in many cases.
  • Mother tinctures are prepared with the aid of alcohol so that it is readily absorbed in the stomach and intestine. The action of the medicine starts within 3 to 4 minutes and these actions remain for several hours.
  • It is used in most cases of emergency or acute cases such as Blood pressure, acute stone pain, dysmenorrhoea, etc.
  • Mother tinctures are also indicated in bruises as a cold compressor, in the external application as antiseptic and in wound healing.
  • They are helpful in the preparation of many homeopathic tonics and external applications along with proper homeopathic medicine internally.
  • Mother tinctures like calendula and cantharis are used as antiseptics in wounds and burns and are called homeopathic disinfectants.

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Uses of Mother Tinctures

A mother tincture may be extremely helpful in treating various health problems ranging from mild to severe but it should not be used without the advice of a homeopathic medical practitioner. Here are some common problems for which mother tinctures prove to be beneficial.

  • Weakness
  • General, sexual and nerve weakness Avena sativa
  • Weight Loss
  • Fucus vesiculosus and Phytolacca berry mother tinctures are effective in weight loss. They increase the metabolic rate and speed up the fat-burning process.
  • Dandruff
  • Badiaga and Cochlearia Armoracia are used to treat dandruff. They help relieve scalp soreness and dryness.
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Rauvolfia serpentina and Viscum album are effective mother tinctures to combat high blood pressure. Lycopus Virginica and Baryta Mur also help to bring down high blood pressure.
  • Acne
  • Mother tinctures are quite effective in treating acne. Berberis Aquifolium, Chrysarobinum and Echinacea angustifolia can be applied externally too. They soothe irritated skin and also prevent further acne formation.
  • Prevent Baldness
  • A combination of Jaborandi and Arnica montana is thought to help in baldness. Commonly it is mixed with hair oils and applied to the scalp.
  • Burns and Scalds

Apis mellifica, Momordica balsamina, and Cantharis are excellent mother tinctures that help lessen the burning sensations and stinging in burnt, scalded skin. External application of these mother tinctures with distilled water may provide relief.

Side effects of Mother Tinctures

Most homeopathic remedies don’t have side effects associated with their use but when taking mother tinctures it is essential to keep certain things in mind. Do not take mother tinctures without a proper prescription from a physician as long-term use of mother tinctures containing poisonous alkaloids and phytochemical constituents maybe dangerous to health.

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