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In Pharmaceutical aspect, globules are small round sugar pills. These are made up of pharmaceutical-grade cane sugar or milk sugar. These are used in homoeopathy for dispensing of liquid medicines. One should know the properties and significance of homoeopathic globules to ensure proper administration of homoeopathic medicines to the patients.

Why are globules used in homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is a science, based upon the law of ‘similia similibus curantur’, i.e., like cures like. The selected medicine for a particular condition should be the one which can produce similar symptoms in a healthy human being during experiments. These medicines are prepared by potentization of the substances. During this process, these medicinal substances are diluted according to a different power of the drugs. These medicines can be dispensed in liquid forms such as drops, or solid form such as globules, tablets, etc. Following are the benefits of using globules in homoeopathy:

  • Globules work as a vehicle to transfer these liquid medicines obtained from different sources. It is done by impregnating the liquid medication into them. 
  • Sugar globules do not alter the properties of drug substances. Hence these are one of the best vehicles for the administration of homoeopathic medicines. 
  • These are easy to administer in any age group due to their readily soluble nature. 
  • Most of the homoeopathic drug potency is prepared in alcohol base only. This strong alcohol possesses burning taste which cannot be tolerated by everyone. Sugar globules help in minimizing this burning sensation and is agreeable for everyone. 

Properties of globules

  • Composition: These are made up of cane sugar or milk sugar.
  • These are white. One should not use globules which are yellow or turn yellow-brown in a few days.
  • Homogeneous in composition. 
  • Globules have no odour and are sweet.
  • Size: Globules are available in different sizes for dispensing of medicine. Their sizes are denoted in No., which start with No. 10, 20, 30, 40, etc. The diameter of size no. 10 measures 1 mm, of no—20 measures 2 mm, and so on.
  • Homoeopathic doctors chiefly use globules.
  • Sugar globules possess good absorption power than other materials. It readily absorbs homoeopathic liquid drugs without hampering their composition and properties.
  • These should be kept in a cool and dry place.

Quality of homoeopathic medicine and globules

The quality of homoeopathic medicine depends upon the materials used and techniques for its preparation. Once the preparation of liquid potency is over, its quality relies upon quality of the vehicle used in its dispensing. To ensure good quality of globules, one should note the following points:

  • Buy homoeopathic globules of a GMP certified company.
  • Their colour should be of natural white and are odourless. Please note that the very bright white globules might have undergone chemical treatment which is not natural.
  • Only ‘pharma grade’ sugar is used in their preparation.
  • Untouched by hands for better hygiene.
  • No chemical is used to make them brighter.
  • Can absorb the medicine properly as per HPI guidelines.

Dr Willmar Schwabe ensures all the points mentioned above required in good quality globules. These are homogenous in size with minimal variation. Raw materials for globules are of the highest quality and are thoroughly checked. Controlled Temperature Treatment Technique (CTTT) is used to ensure the highest softness. The colour of their globules is pure natural white without using any artificial material to make them brighter.

Some salient facts related to consumption of globules:

  • There are no reported side-effects of globules.
  • No precautions are required to take before their consumption. 
  • These are suitable for children.
  • Mode of administration of globules: At a time 4-5 globules are recommended for adults and 3-4 globules for children. These pills have to be kept on the tongue. One should let them dissolve on their own by the help of saliva. The frequency of administration depends upon the prescription of your physician.
  • Globules are safe to take during pregnancy.


Globules are small round sugar pills useful in the homoeopathic pharmaceutical industry. These are prepared from cane sugar or milk sugar. Globules are used as a vehicle to carry the medicinal properties of the drug imbibed in it. Hence, these should be non-reactive with the therapeutic substance impregnated in them. As they play an essential role in the dispensing of medicines, one should acquire its proper knowledge to use them optimally. They are easy to administer in any age group due to their high solubility in the mouth. Globules are available in different sizes and have no reported side-effects. They help in reducing the burning taste of alcohol which is used as a base in homoeopathic drug preparations. Dr Willmar Schwabe’s globules possess all the properties mentioned above. Hence, it can be stated that Dr Willmar Schwabe’s globules are one of the best vehicles for the administration of homoeopathic medicines.