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Weakness is a general symptom experienced by many persons relating to different situations. Weakness can have physical or mental causes. Physically, it is the temporary inability of muscles to maintain optimal physical performance, and is made more severe by intense physical exercise. Mentally, it is a temporary decrease in maximal cognitive performance resulting from prolonged periods of cognitive activity. It can present in the form of somnolence, lethargy, or attention fatigue. General weakness is a typical result of excessive  working, mental stress, depression, and lack of sleep. Excessive and continuous blood loss frequently results in general weakness which needs treatment.


Many diseased conditions exhaust the body’s energy and lead to weakness. Some major diseases are listed below:

  • Anemia
  • Cancer
  • overdose of alcohol and drugs
  • over mental exertion and depression
  • Diseases like diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism
  • Heart diseases such as heart failure
  • HIV
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Liver failure
  • Loss of sleep
  • Stroke
  • Thyroid disease such as hypothyroidism
  • Uraemia, which is caused by kidney disease


Diet plays a vital role in maintaining health and prevent many diseases like diabetes. A healthy diet is a balanced diet that includes food of both a plant and animal origins for proper nutrition to the body which is necessary for appropriate development of bones, muscles, brain and functioning of different organs of the body. It also gives energy to perform daily routine work. So, healthy diet plays an essential role in healthy body as it lowers the risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure, etc.


Along with diet, exercise is also necessary to avoid general weakness and causes of it. It helps to strengthen muscles and improve blood supply to all over body which enhances proper body functioning and makes it healthy, physically as well as mentally.


Sleep is also an essential factor in maintaining normal health and make body refresh


The following are the recommended homeopathic medicines for the weakness are China, Kalium Phosphoricum, Cocculus Indicus and Gelsemium, etc. but these are to be dispensed only after the consulting physician.

CINCHONA OFFICINALIS(CHINA): China is best-indicated medicines and prescribed for physical weakness after loss of fluid in the form of bleeding, diarrhea. Due to loss of blood, blood pressure falls which results in weakness and a patient gets unconsciousness. Rapid diminution of strength is observed in such cases. Vertigo and fainting may also be frequently used in weakness following fever that is accompanied by debilitating sweat.

KALIUM PHOSPHORICUM: Kali Phos. is an important remedy for nervous exhaustion which is maybe from shock, from over-strain, either physical or mental. Feeling of loss of power in feet with trembling sensation legs. Numbness in the legs. The weakness of memory, the person unable to remember names or words is an indication of Kali phos.

COCCULUS INDICUS: Cocculus indicus can be thought of in cases of weakness after profuse menses. Weakness also experienced from loss of sleep and mental excitement. The menses are recommended for weakness from profuse menses. The menses are profuse, continued for long duration, followed by marked weakness.

GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS: Gelsemium is the suggestive remedy of weakness especially after fever followed by drowsiness, dullness and dizziness in the muscles of the arms and legs. There is extreme general exhaustion and slow and weak pulses may be present. Trembling of body, mainly arms and legs after slight physical exertion. The person is not able to walk with difficulty with unable to carry his body weight and get imbalanced while walking. Drawing, and contractive pain in the muscles of the legs with crushed type of sensation is also present.

ARSENIC ALBUM: Arsenic Album is well-indicated in symptoms that arise after bad effect of eating spoiled food or food poisoning leading to diarrhea which results in general weakness and emaciation. The person is exhausted its body energy with loss of power of entire body. Anxiety and restlessness are marked in Ars alb with great thirst for water. Whole body especially, arms and legs feel extremely weak and loss of strength.

CARBO VEGETABILIS: Carbo Veg is also great action in weakness followed by loss of fluid from the body, mainly bleeding. There are profuse bleeding leads to loss of blood, as a result in extreme weakness and loss of energy. The body is covered by icy cold sweat with a lowering of blood pressure with irregular pulses.

PHOSPHORIC ACID: Phos. Acid is one of the best medicines that covers symptoms of weakness resulting from loss of vital fluids. After the loss of fluids, weakness, tiredness and loss of energy.

NUX VOMICA:  Nux Vomica is one of the great medicine for mental weakness, in the people who business and students. In Nux vom, weakness arises due to prolonged mental exertion leading to mental exhaustion and fatigue.

PICRIC ACID: Picric Acid is the medicine for paralysis of legs. It is best indicated in muscle weakness, mainly of legs. The patient experienced weakness in the legs while walking even a few steps and heaviness in the legs throughout the day. The person also feels shaking and pricking sensation in the legs.

CAUSTICUM: Causticum has a special action on muscles and nerves which produces their weakness. The most important part involves is muscles of arms, hands and fingers. Weakness is felt more in the night. Muscles of arms get weaker and weaker with an inability in doing a routine work and a tearing, dull pain in the arms. Sensation of icy coldness is experienced in the fingers. Causticum patient is highly sensitive towards cold air.

STANNUM METALLICUM: Stannum Met is a remedy prescribed for muscle weakness in the arms and legs with heaviness feeling. Sensation of loss of power in the upper and lower extremities. This problem, worsen by motion. Weakness of the arms is also present, due to which holding of any object is difficult arises from lifting a little weight, or from the slight exercise.

 PLUMBUM METALLICUM: Plumbum met is an excellent medicine in the treatment of muscle weakness that developing rapidly, may be leading to paralysis of limbs with wasting of the muscles. Due to this muscle weakness, physical weakness and loss of power in the body, especially in the arms is the marked symptoms. Cramps are generally felt, especially in the calf muscles of the legs also covered by Plumbum metallicum.


ALFALFA TONIC: Alfalfa is a general tonic that improves nutrition and appetite and digestion, resulting in improvement in mental and physical weakness. Alfalfa tonic consists of a number of nutrients like vitamin B, vitamin K, and eight essential amino acids that provide energy to the body and strengthen the body. Alfalfa is a rich source of iron which helps in increasing red blood cells and treats anemia by increasing hemoglobin and all the symptoms related to it like fatigue (sensation of weakness), vertigo, dizziness, and pale skin. It is also useful in reducing joint pain (gout, arthritis) by lowering serum uric acid and prevent chronic joint diseases. Alfalfa is also helpful in acidity, regurgitation of food, and indigestion.


Maintenance of health in the present era is very difficult because alteration is present at some level, maybe mental, spiritual, emotional, etc. Proper rest and other means are essential to restore it, but if any pathology happens then along with this, medication is also present. Homeopathy has a marvelous effect in alterations in mental as well as the physical plane.