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Piles and haemorrhoids - External medication

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Haemorrhoids or piles, are engorged and enlarged blood vessels in or around the lower portion of the rectum and at anus.

Common types

  • Internal haemorrhoids: located inside the rectum
  • External haemorrhoids: develop under the skin or around the anus

Based on the bleeding factor, it is also categorised as bleeding and non-bleeding haemorrhoids.


Haemorrhoids are consequential effect from the activities that increase venous pressure resulting in distension and engorgement. Such activities include straining at stool, constipation, prolonged sitting, pregnancy, heavy lifting jobs, obesity and low fiber diets.


    • Pain in the anus, especially while sitting
    • Anal itching
    • Bleeding with bright red blood before, during and after stool
    • Pain during bowel movements
    • Hard tender swelling/overgrowth near the anus
    • Anemia if bleeding is more


External haemorrhoids are visible on perianal inspection. The internal haemorrhoids are not visible. Proctoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy are used to exclude other possible diseases of lower alimentary canal.

General management

  • Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water, fruit juices, etc.
  • Eating high-fiber diet such as raw fruits, vegetables, bran cereals and other sources of fiber that avoids constipation.
  • Doing simple daily exercises for 30 minutes.
  • Non-suppression of urge to pass stool.
  • Keeping the body weight within the recommended range. Excess weight puts additional load and increases venous pressure on the veins causing hammorrhoid.
  • If there is an unavoidable occasion to stand or sit for a long time change in position helps.

Get remedies

  • Aesculus Pentrakan
  • Topi Aesculus
  • BC 17

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