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We have all suffered from nausea and acidity at some point, and we have all longed for a simple and efficient solution for the same. It is quite common to overindulge and then develop an upset stomach or a gastric infection leading to nausea, acidity, diarrhea, etc. It is not always feasible to take heavy allopathic medications which are well known to have adverse effects if taken for long. Therefore, for something as common as nausea and acidity, homeopathic medicine is a much better and suitable alternative. The best medicine for acidity is not a combination of chemical substances but one made out of natural sources that has no side effects. This paves the way for adopting homeopathy into our lives.

A variety of factors may cause nausea and acidity. Heavy meals rich in spices, oils and fats is one. A late dinner with immediate rest and no physical activity whatsoever is another important cause. Indeed, people living sedentary lives are at a significantly higher risk of developing acidity and heartburn than people who are physically active. Other causes include gastroesophageal reflux disease, high levels of stress and anxiety, habitual alcohol intake and smoking, rich and heavy meals low on fruits and fluids, and poor water intake. Chronic acidity and heartburn should be investigated further to rule out pathologies like gastroesophageal reflux disease. Nausea and acidity are also frequently encountered in pregnancy. Generally, however, it is the diet and regimen that is at fault. Therefore, for people suffering from acidity, medicine and diet modification both carry equal importance.

Plenty of water intake helps counter acidity and nausea. One apple a day is also helpful to prevent acidity, and so is ginger. Ginger in the form of ginger tea or as an ingredient in the meals can also help to cut down on acidity and nausea. Proteinaceous foods like nuts, banana, mint, cucumber, basil, fennel seeds are all items that can sooth the digestive tract and prevent nausea and acidity. If, however, despite a nutritious diet and active lifestyle you still find yourself suffering from acidity persistently, consult your homeopath for a thorough diagnosis and evaluation.

The best medicine for acidity in India is manufactured and distributed by Schwabe India. Several combinations and potencies are available with their own spheres of action and peculiar symptoms. Proper evaluation of the case with due importance being meted out to the peculiar and unique symptoms helps in selecting the appropriate acidity medicine. This will vary with different individuals as per their individual constitutions. However, some general medicines and tablets can be prescribed to any person suffering from acidity for better digestion and quick relief. Alpha-Acid by Schwabe India is one of the best homeopathic medicine for acidity. It provides rapid relief from acid accumulation and regurgitation, and nausea arising as a consequence. Vomiting and burning sensation are also favorably influenced by these tablets. The medicine also helps in improving digestion, promoting healthy metabolism and clearing out toxins from the stomach. Pains due to indigestion can also be relieved by employing this medicine. The dosage is generally one or two tablets twice or thrice a day and may be lesser for children. Pregnant and nursing women can safely take this medicine without fear of any repercussions.