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Skeleton system i.e. bones are the living tissue that makes the bodily framework. This framework keeps on changing constantly throughout life, with the destruction of old bone cells replaced by new ones. During the growing age, more bone tissues are created than destroyed. This process slows down with our growing age. Therefore, childhood is a crucial time of development both physically as well as mentally. Late adolescence is the time when bone tissues reach their maximum strength. At this point of time, the skeleton system grows in density and size. For girl’s peak bone mass is attained at the age of 18, while it is at the age of 20 for boys.

The bones need to grow along with the rest of the body. Growth of bones proceeds from the growth plate which is in the form of soft cartilages. Bones grow from these soft cartilages present at the ends of the bones. When children have grown the growth plate fuses.

Weak bones in children mean more destruction of the bony structure. More bone tissue is destroyed than is being created by the cells. With a significant bone loss, the body becomes weaker. This condition can be very painful. Bones become brittle the bodily framework gets flawed and disfiguring.

During the growing age, there are two important factors that should be kept in mind:

  • Nutrition i.e. calcium and vitamin D
  • Physical activity, a lot of exercises.

This time period is the foundation time. We build almost all our bone density during this time. Children with stronger bones have lesser chances of getting bones disease in their late adulthood.

Weak, brittle and fragile bones can be caused by anything that keeps the body from creating a new bone cell or causes more destruction of these cells.

As you age, the body starts reabsorbing calcium and phosphate from your bones, and bony structure becomes weak and fragile. This condition is called osteoporosis.

Bone loss is directly related to lifestyle. When there is a lack of an adequate amount of calcium in your diet body cannot absorb enough calcium. Also, the calcium keeps on removing from the body through urine. This can lead to a higher risk of bone diseases and increased chances of brittle bones and fracture in a later period of life.

Therefore, start eating food that is rich in calcium.

  • Dairy foods like milk, cheese, yogurt
  • Green leafy vegetables (except spinach)
  • Peas, figs, nuts, seed are rich in calcium

Vitamin D is absorbed by the skin when it is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is also very important for calcium absorption.

Exercising daily helps in building body mass and strengthening your musculoskeletal system. Your immunity increases, the body is toned and shaped.

Homeopathy is proven to be effective to aid these kinds of ailments without taking any risk. It is well-known in treating children with weaker bones and juvenile arthritis. It ensures the absorption of all minerals and nutrients effectively by the body. Schwabe India provides with a good solution for weaker bones in children. This remedy can also be prescribed to children who avoid taking proper meals and drinking milk. Calciokind is a calcium assimilator for children. It helps in strengthening the bones and muscle. It helps in the reinforcement of weak and brittles bones in children. This remedy can also be prescribed to children with a poor immune system, cavities in teeth, pain in arms and legs. This remedy will quicken the production of new cells and stop any further loss of bone tissue and will start a speedy healing process. It promotes stability and reduction of pain. Homeopathy aids the development of the immune system quickly by speeding up the process. This remedy ensures the proper metabolism of calcium in the body.

The Therapeutic Action of Constituents:

  • Calcarean carbonica Hahnemanni: Suited to children who look otherwise healthy but are both physically and mentally sluggish and underdeveloped.
  • Calcarea flourica: Improper integration of calcium during childhood. Delayed dentition, cavities in teeth and brittle bones calls for this remedy.
  • Calcarean phosphorica: It is suited to anaemic children with a poor digestive system. Children are feeble with week bones. Delicate children who suffer from malabsorption, present with bad-temper and cold extremities.
  • Sulphur iodatum: This remedy is subjected to children with weak immunity. Easily catches a cold, pain in coughing, pain in swallowing. Swollen gums, itching, eruption on the skin. The child is very irritable and indifferent.