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Research News – Broniya alba – Genus epidemicus of Chikungunya – Schwabe India

Broniya alba – Genus epidemicus of Chikungunya

To frame out usefulness of Bryonia alba 30CH as genus epidemicus for prevention of chikungunya epidemic, a cluster- randomised, double blind placebo controlled trail has been conducted in Kerala in August-September 2007 in three panchayats of two districts. 167 clusters were selected and Bryonia alba 30C/placebo randomly given. Among 167 clusters 84 has took Bryonia alba 30CH and 83 has took placebo out of which 158 clusters has been analyzed (Bryonia alba 30C = 82 clusters; placebo = 76 clusters). Healthy participants were eligible for the study (Bryonia alba 30 C n = 19750; placebo n = 18479). Weekly follow-up was done for 35 days. Infection rate in the study has been compared and analysed with by use of cluster analysis. The analysis showed that 2525 out of 19750 persons of Bryonia alba 30 C group suffered from chikungunya, compared to 2919 out of 18479 in placebo group. Cluster analysis showed significant difference between the two groups. The result reflects a 19.76% relative risk reduction by Bryonia alba 30C as compared to placebo. Hence, Bryonia alba 30CH is better than placebo in deceasing chikungunya incidence. The efficacy of genus epidemicus needs to be replicated in different epidemic settings.

Reference: KR Janardanan Nair, S Gopinadhan, TN Sreedhara Kurup, Bonthu Sundara Jaya Raja Kumar, Abha Aggarwal, Roja Varanasi, Debadatta Nayak, Maya Padmanabhan, Praveen Oberai, Hari Singh, Vijay Pratap Singh, Chaturbhuja Nayak, Homoeopathic Genus Epidemicus ‘Bryonia alba’ as a prophylactic during an outbreak of Chikungunya in India: A cluster -randomised, double -blind, placebo- controlled trial, Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy, Year:2014, Volume:8, Issue:3, Page:160-165.

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