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Clinical study on Haemorrhoids and its Homoeopathic Management – Schwabe India


A study had been done to determine the effect of homoeopathic similimum treatment on haemorrhoids in pregnant women. Homoeopathic similimum treatment method was used for the selection of remedy. Non probability purposive sampling was used to select 12 primigravida or multigravida pregnant females, aged 18-35, from the 12th to 35th week of gestation, presenting with haemorrhoids, who met the inclusion criteria. Between 5CH to 200CH potencies are choosed to prescribe similimum. Dosage was determined by the laws of similimum prescribing. At the end of 2nd week of treatment follow-up consultation was conducted. As per the appearance of new symptom in follow-up new medicine was prescribed along with the original similinmum. A final consultation and physical examination was conducted at the end of the 4th week of treatment to document the effectiveness of the treatment. Data from the questionnaires were analysed. Result shows that 83% of the cases of haemorrhoids in pregnancy were improved by homoeopathy. Pain severity and protrusion was significantly reduced by homoeopathic similimum.


Hutchinson, Shaun. Homoeopathic similimum treatment on haemorrhoids during pregnancy. Date: 2008-09-01T10:13:39Z. Retrieved from:

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