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New products launched by Schwabe India – Schwabe News Apr – Dec 2019 – Schwabe India

New products launched by Schwabe India 

Considering the increasing burden of spondylitis & joint pains on our society and continuous demand from our beloved customers, Schwabe India recently launched two new products Rück-Pain drops for oral use and Olmuv oil for external application for faster relief from tormenting pain. Rück-Pain is indicated in numerous characteristics as well as peculiar symptoms of spine and surrounding region of back due to the effective ingredients in the formulation having coverage of these symptoms. Olmuv is formulated for extrenal application for relaxing joints pain and stiffness of muscles. Both Rück-Pain and Olmuv oil are indicated in muscle stiffness, cervical spondylitis, lumber spondylitis, spondyloarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, spondylosis, sciatica, and general lower back pain or lumbago. We have launched mother tinctures Phyllanthus niruri, Emblica officinalis, Gambogia and Gauteria gumeri for better management of renal calculi, liver complaints, obesity, hypercholesterolemia respectively. Schwabe India launched Oophorinum, Pituitary gland, Orchitinum, and Hypothalamus to manage diseases from hormonal imbalance. Luna, Magnetis poli ambo, Magnetis polus arcticus, Magnetis polus australis, Sol, and X-ray are launched under imponderabilia range. These products are available at all leading homoeopathic stores across the India.

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