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Alpha™- Liv Drops

Alpha – Liv Drops Due to high demand from the market, for a formulation in drops for the liver, apart from the syrup already available in the market, Schwabe India developed this product. Introduction The liver plays a key role in metabolism. It has anabolic and catabolic, exocrine and endocrine functions. The liver is a blood reservoir, filter and store of different substances (e.g. glycogen, vitamins). It is the site of serum protein (e.g. albumin, prothrombin, fibrinogen) and enzyme synthesis. Metabolic processes (e.g. bilirubin, hormone, carbohydrate and lipid turnover) and the removal of toxic products are important liver functions. 1 Hepatotoxins (e.g. alcohol, tetracycline, acetaminophen, fungal toxins, and anabolic steroids) can cause specific damage to liver cells. Toxic hepatitis may be clinically silent or severe enough to lead to the rapid development of hepatic failure. Clinical features include hepatomegaly, enzyme abnormalities, fever, abdominal pain, anorexia, nausea, vomiting and weight loss. In patients with underlying cirrhosis, manifestations of portal hypertension may predominate. Aversion to fatty food, abdominal discomfort, nausea and vomiting after meals may be symptoms of 2 cholelithiasis. Jaundice results from accumulation of bilirubin. It has non-hepatic as well as hepatic causes. Hyperbilirubinaemia may be due to abnormalities in the 3 formation, transport, metabolism or excretion of bilirubin. TM Alpha -Liv Drops aids recovery and normalisation of liver functions. Severe liver disease needs specialised treatment. Indications: Slow liver functions, fatty liver, and for supportive treatment of hepatocellular jaundice and toxic liver damage.

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Gymnema sylvestre – Schwabe News Jan – Jun 2020

Gymnema sylvestre

It is commonly known as Gurmar in India. The drug has earlier been reported by J. H. Clarke. Central council of homoeopathy (CCRH) reproved the drug between 2009-2011 on 63 provers of the age group of 18-45 years. 6, and 30 centesimal potencies were used for the reproving. Proving have been done on four units of CCRH.The details are published on web by CCRH in Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy on 29-Jun-2013. A combined materia medica from this publication and available other literature is given below.Gymnema sylvestre - Wikipedia


Irritability; worse by evening. Irritability; worse by dysmenorrhea and better by rest.


Vertigo, reeling sensation; worse by evening; better by rest. Vertigo, reeling sensation; better in evening; worse by rest.


Severe headache.Drawing pain in the frontal region, worse by pressure; better by rest, tight bandage. Slight frontal headache, worse by eating. It is accompanied with nausea. Severe headache, worse by talking.Headache, heaviness of head, worse by morning.Frontal headache.with abdominal distension.Frontal headache with burning of eyes and exhausted feeling.Fatigue after walking a small distance.Tired feeling and sleepy all the time with marked drowsiness. No interest in doing work. Headache with insomnia.Slight headache with nightmares, sleeplessness, sweating.Drowsy with abdominal distension, better by passing stool. Frontal headache with burning eyes, better by evening taking rest..Severe headache and vomiting with drowsiness and nausea. Drowsiness with dry cough and cold.Throbbing headache, sweating on forehead, worse by thinking;  better by sleep. Slight headache and vertigo. Headache and heaviness of head,  worse by bending forward;  better by an applying pressure. Headache, nausea after any intake of food, better by rest. Temporal headache, body pains, better by rest. The symptom is accompanied with constipation. Hair falling.


Cold, always running nose with whitish nasal discharge,  worse by morning. It is accompanied with flushes of face, heaviness of head and headache,worse by stooping. Coryza with obstruction of the left nostril and throbbing pain in the left parietal region of head, better in open air. Sneezing with coryza and irritation of throat, better by Rest. Coryza and dry cough. Obstruction of the left nostril, watery discharge from both nostrils,  worse by sitting;  better by lying down. 


Toothache in the right side, worse by cold, hot, sour, and sweet. It is accompanied with headache. Bleeding gums and pain in teeth.Toothache, all the teeth are painful, worse by cold things, sweets, chewing.


Stomatitis over inner-side of the lower lip with a burning sensation, worse by touch, spicy food.


Throat pain with burning and itching sensation, pain although swallowing liquid or solid.Burning sensation in throat, cold.pain extending to the left ear. Throat pain, sensation as if something is present in the throat,  worse by during swallowing, night, early morning, drinking cold water;  better by drinking hot milk. Throat pain with tickling sensation with whitish expectoration associated with temporal headache on both sides. Throat  pain. Sore throat, pain during swallowing, sensation as if something is obstructing. Pain extending to the right ear,  worse by swallowing, early morning. Burning sensation in the throat.


Pain in stomach,  better by lying on abdomen. Nausea with vertigo and body pains. Slight epigastric pain appeared after intake of food,  worse by eating. Epigastric pain with nausea, slight headache, pain in lower limbs and restlessness.Burning pain in the stomach.Indicated in diabetes.


Cramping pain in left hypochondrium, better by hard pressure, lying on abdomen, knee elbow position.Cutting pain in the umbilicus with mucous stool. It is accompanied with nausea. Pain in umbilical region of the abdomen with gradual onset, better by rubbing. It is accompanied with nausea. Pain in the lower abdomen with bearing down sensation, worse by evening.Pain in the abdomen with body ache.Pain in the abdomen below the umbilicus.


Stool semi-solid, offensive, urgent, painless,  worse by evening, night. Diarrhea with semi-liquid, sour smelling, light yellow stool, worse by morning; better by evening.Diarrhea with nausea.Diarrhea, worse by after eating. Urge for stool soon after eating. Diarrhea after eating. It is accompanied with vomiting and headache. Watery diarrhea with pain in the abdomen.Constipation.

Female Genitalia

Delayed menses with dysmenorrhea; flow profuse, offensive, dark red in color. Severe abdomen pain during menses.Profuse menstrual flow and severe pain during menses. Delayed menses with dysmenorrhea, flow clotted, dark chocolaty in color. Pain extends to back and thighs, better by warm application.


Dry cough, irritation in throat, expectoration scanty, yellowish, tinged with black spot, worse by cold drink, morning; better by hot drink. Dry cough, scanty, white expectoration tinged with black spot, Dry cough with coryza, sneezing and frontal headache. It was later followed by reeling sensation and pain in the abdomen. Dry cough with tickling in larynx, worse by lying down; better by sitting. 

Gymnema Sylvestre


Dry cough with pain in the chest region, worse by evening; better by cold water intake. It is accompanied with feeling oppression. 


Low backache, worse by standing, evening, bending forward; better by lying on a hard surface.Low backache, worse by morning; better by afternoon.Low backache on the right side, worse by bending forward; better by lying down.Burning and itching of the posterior surface of body (esp. back), worse by during night; better by cold water bath.


Burning of hands and feet, worse by evening; better by morning, cold application. Cramps in limbs. Drawing type of pain in inter-phalangeal joints toes of left foot, worse by continuous walk; better by slow walking. Pain extending to left leg, thigh and hip joint.Pain in lower limbs, extends from knee joints to ankle joints, worse by walking; better by sitting. Rashes on hands.Sweating on palms with tiredness and exhausted feeling.


Disturbed sleep.  Sleeplessness.


Fever with body pain and chill. Fever with severe headache, cold and dry cough. Fever and body pains.Fever with chills.Fever with temporal headache, abdominal distension and constipation. It is accompanied with burning in eyes, better by rest.Fever with hot flushes, sweating, desire for cool things, worse by midnight; better by rest, morning. It is accompanied with body pains


Red rashes all over the body, mainly covered part, burning and itching, worse by warmth; better by open air. Itching of the whole body, worse by after bathing; Scratching gives no relief. Itching sensation in all over the body, worse by Night. Exfoliation of skin of feet, peeling off of hard skin at the heel and sides of the foot. Used in snake bite.


Hot flushing. Severe body pains. Profuse sweating with insomnia, tiredness and fatigue. Abdominal distension with increased appetite and mild headache, better by after a dinner. No sleep during the night with nightmares.Tiredness and exhausted feeling, no strength to walk with muscle fatigue; accompanied with drowsiness, abdominal distension, headache and sleeplessness.



  1. Rakshit G, Singh J P, Pathak S D, Banoth CK, Chandra P K, Rajpal, Choudhury SK, Singh VK. A multi-centric double-blind randomized homoeopathic pathogenetic trial of Gymnema sylvestre. Indian J Res Homoeopathy [serial online] 2013 [cited 2020 Jun 26];7:9-21. Available from:

  2. J. H. Clarke, Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica, Reprint Edition 1992, B. Jain Publishers, New Delhi.

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Dr. Willmar Schwabe India’s Sanat Products division showcased their premium herbal extracts, including Curcumin and Ashwagandha, at Fi India 2023 in Mumbai, reinforcing their reputation for quality and innovation with certifications like ISO 9001:2015 and USFDA. Simultaneously, the Schwabe Group organized a 10KM Africa Run to support the Umckaloabo Foundation’s efforts in improving education for underprivileged children in southern Africa. Schwabe India also made notable strides at the Grand India International Trade Fair 2023, presenting their cutting-edge healthcare solutions and emphasizing the importance of global cooperation and innovation in today’s business landscape.

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