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Triumphant Conclusion: Mumbai-Based Motorist Team’s Unique Healing with Homeopathy Campaign

A motorist team led by a homeopathic doctor from Mumbai has successfully concluded the ground breaking “Heal with Homeopathy” campaign, which took place from July 23, 2022. The campaign covered a challenging route spanning Mumbai, Amritsar, Srinagar, Kargil, Ladakh, Leh, Chandigarh, and back to Mumbai, traversing some of the highest locations on their bikes. This pioneering campaign holds the distinction of being the world’s first homeopathy initiative conducted in such demanding circumstances, exploring breathtaking landscapes. The team expresses heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming support and well wishes received, contributing to the resounding success of the campaign. The campaign’s social media posts were widely shared, spreading awareness about the power of homeopathy.

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Ferrum picricum – Schwabe News Apr – Dec 2019 – Schwabe India

Ferrum picricum

Ferrum picricum commonly known as Picrate of iron. The clinical verification was conducted in 6C, 30C and 200C. The symptoms available in our Materia medicas are verified on a good number of patients. In addition to the matching of symptoms with the homoeopathic literature, it is also found and validated some new symptoms and it is published by Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, India. The details are published by CCRH in Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy, Vol. 2, No.3, July – September 2008. A combined materia medica from this publication and available other literature is given below.

Vertigo with general weakness and giddiness.

Headache worse after eating. 

Epistaxis, with bright blood; worse from heat of summer.

Earache.  Impaired hearing with buzzing, dryness and humming. Tinnitus with deafness. Otorrhoea; pus like discharge, with itching and pain; with thick, whitish discharge. 

Dental neuralgia.

Loss of voice following excessive use. Loss of voice with soreness in throat. 

Indigestion with headache worse after meals and tongue furred.

Feeling of fullness and pressure in rectum. Constipation.

Frequent urine with burning, dribbling and pain, following renal stone, with scanty flow.  Frequent urination worse at night, with retention of urine. Frequent urine with albumin. Enlarged prostate gland, with scanty frequent urination.

Smarting in neck of bladder and penis.

Cough with thick, whitish expectoration.  Dry cough with scanty expectoration. 

Pain in right side of neck and arm.

Corns; painful, on right toe, with yellowish discolouration, worse walking.  Warts; pedunculated, multiple, large, blackish or brownish in colour; conical in shape; flat; long seedy, with itching; sago like; small, fleshy and cauliflower like (condylomata) at anus; small, hard; on neck and face; on nape of neck; on thumb; on fingers and forehead; with mild itching; on occasional bleeding; on both hands.  

Feeling of weakness following blood loss; with vertigo. Weakness following change of climate; following excessive menses; with anaemia; with breathlessness; with paleness of conjunctiva.



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