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Editorial – Schwabe News Volume 2 | Issue 4 | August 2011

Triumphant Conclusion: Mumbai-Based Motorist Team’s Unique Healing with Homeopathy Campaign

A motorist team led by a homeopathic doctor from Mumbai has successfully concluded the ground breaking “Heal with Homeopathy” campaign, which took place from July 23, 2022. The campaign covered a challenging route spanning Mumbai, Amritsar, Srinagar, Kargil, Ladakh, Leh, Chandigarh, and back to Mumbai, traversing some of the highest locations on their bikes. This pioneering campaign holds the distinction of being the world’s first homeopathy initiative conducted in such demanding circumstances, exploring breathtaking landscapes. The team expresses heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming support and well wishes received, contributing to the resounding success of the campaign. The campaign’s social media posts were widely shared, spreading awareness about the power of homeopathy.

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Editorial – Schwabe News Volume 2 | Issue 4 | August 2011


Schwabe News Volume 2 | Issue 4 | August 2011


Sometime ago a news in the front page of a national newspaper regarding the mediclaim of homoeopathic and other AYUSH systems of medicines got attention. A recent blow has come from the Delhi High Court directing central Government to reimburse an NSG commando’s medical bills of availing homoeopathic or ayurvedic treatments. It is a positive step taken by the judicial authority in respect to AYUSH systems. Another news we have covered below is that a homoeopath from Agra claims a Guinness World Record to have treated an astonishing 800,000 patients in his career, breaking his earlier record of 300,000. Such positive signs for homoeopathy and other AYUSH systems are emerging in the country. Despite many advantages, homoeopathy is yet to get its due place in the national healthcare system.

Amoora rohituka or Andersonia is an Indian drug. Indian physicians use it as a medicine for splenic disorders since long time. Dr. Pramada Prasanna Biswas of Pabna District of undivided Bengal , presently Bangladesh, had personally proved this drug. It was reported in Drugs of Hindoosthan by Dr. S. C. Ghose. This drug has been clinically verified and validated by Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, New Delhi, in various potencies viz. Q, 3x, 6c and 30c. The study has also found out new symptoms. Details are under the section ‘Clinical verification’. This drug is available from Schwabe India in mother tincture, 6CH, 12CH, 30CH, 200CH and 1M.

Guaiacum is a drug prepared from the resin obtained from the wood of the Guaiacum officinale and Guaiacum sanctum Linn., which are native of tropical America. It is officially covered by Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India. It was proved and introduced by Hahnemann himself in Materia Medica Pura. It helps in many rheumatic and related complaints even where other significant drugs fail. Its sphere of action in mother tincture is illustrated with case histories under ‘Mother tincture info’.

Thuja occidentalis mother tincture is often recommended to apply externally for warts. Applying mother tincture is quite difficult to patients sometime. Understanding the difficulty, Schwabe India has come out with this drug in cream base, a product called ‘Topi Thuja’. The complete product specification is given under ‘Product watch’.

The role of Arsenicum album in eliminating the arsenic toxicity is studied by various researchers. A new study has been conducted with the aim of finding out the efficacy of Plumbum metallicum in a similar way, i.e. to reduce the serum lead level in workers exposed to lead. Though the results are negative, it paves the way in finding out the efficacy of this drug in different parameters. The methodology, results and conclusion are given under research news. Another article under the section argues that the modern physiological understandings like receptorial cell communication, bioelectromagnetism and body-mind unity are the bases of homoeopathy and of the Similia Principle. It further acclaims that these recent developments could give new reasons to recognize the principle of similars as a modern pharmacological principle

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Dr. R. Valavan, BHMS, MD (Hom)


Journal of Evidence Based Homeopathy
Volume: 1, Issue: 1, January - June 2023