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Distribution of Arsenicum album in flu-like illness – Schwabe News Jan – Jun 2020

Distribution of Arsenicum album in flu-like illness

Schwabe India has distributed thousands of Arsenicum album 30CH medicated globules and dilutions to their employees and different organisations during flu-like pandemic. Arsenicum album is the most frequently recommended homoeopathic remedy to combat influenza like illnesses (ILI). When there was scarcity of this remedy throughout the country, Schwabe India manufactured Arsenicum album 30CH with priority and distributed to boost immunity. Among many other homoeopathic remedies, Arsenicum album was most prominently indicated genus epidemicus for this influenza like pandemic. Homoeopathy defines genus epidemicus based on the ‘combined symptoms of a large group of people afflicted with a disease or epidemic’, and subsequent selection of a remedy ‘that covers all the symptoms which that particular epidemic is capable of producing’.
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