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Adlumia fungosa – Schwabe News Jan – Jun 2020

Adlumia fungosa

The climbing plant, which in its second year reaches a height of up to 3 metres, has slender stems bearing alternate, petiolate 3- imparipinnate leaves. The leaflets are delicate, elliptical or obovate with deep cut lobes and dentate margins and generally 1-2cm long and 5-10 mm wide. From the lower to the upper part of the stem, the leaflets are progressively transformed into tendrils. The plant contains alkaloids, the D-Adlumin & the Adlumin of the group of phthalidiso-chinoleine alkaloids. They are physiologically active and are present in the different parts of the plant. Adlumia fungosa (Allegheny-vine): Go Botany

A homoeopathic tincture is made from the aerial parts (whole plant), which is imported. It is covered by both Homoeopathic Pharmacopoiea of India and German Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia.

In homoeopathy, it is used in gout, migraine, dyspepsia with flatulence, gastro-duodenal ulcer, diaphragmetic hernia, rectitis and pruritis, hepatitis, cervical arthrosis and hyperurecemia. It is also indicated for absentmindedness, irritability with diminish sexual desires with quick ejaculation. Literature also suggests its use in insomnia and early menses.

Caution: Ø/1x in drop doses in cases of hyper-urecemia under medical supervision only.

Recommended dose: Q/1X and higher.10-20 drops.


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