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Common Cold – 6 Usual Signs You Need To Be Aware Of

The common cold is referred to as common for a reason. There are actually thousands of different viruses that may cause cold but most of these viruses cause similar cold symptoms. It is easy to diagnose yourself with a cold when you are feeling unwell. However, it’s important to be able to tell the difference between the common cold and something more serious that might need medical attention. Some people resort to home remedies while others take homeopathy medicine for cold. Here are the symptoms that you need to be aware of-

1. Prolonged Symptoms – The common cold tends to go away in three to four days. It starts with a sour and scratchy throat, congestion and running nose usually developing in a cold. The symptoms may disappear after four days maximum. If not, you might have to take homeopathy medicine for cold such as Schwabe’s Aconitum Pentarkan.

2. High Fever – There are chances to have fever along cold but its not common. If your fever is at or above 101 degrees, it might be a sign of strep throat. Most people with strep develop high fever in the first few days of illness. So be cautious about sudden increases in your temperature. Schwabe’s Alpha-CF is great option for homeopathy medicine for cold and fever. Arsenicum album, Ipecacuanha, Nux Vomica, veratrum album are some of the remedies which are helpful.

3. Stomach issues – If you are facing issues such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea this might be an indication for something serious. Such issues do not usually accompany cold. Simple homeopathy medicine for cold may not be effective and you might need medical attention if experiencing these consistently.

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4. Severe Headaches – Take note of severe headaches if they are accompanied by neck stiffness and fever. Pressure headaches or the ones that feel the worse around your eyes may be a sign of sinus infection. Such headaches worsen when you bend forward as you feel the pressure on your congested sinus passages. Alpha-SH is the best option.

5. Experiencing chest pain – Cough is a normal symptom of a cold, but it should not lead to shortness of breath, wheezing, or chest pain. Such symptoms should not be ignored since they could be a sign of bronchitis or pneumonia, while chest pain and sudden shortness of breath could be a sign of blockage in the lungs. Visiting a homoeopath is advised.

6. There is a pattern to your symptoms – It is difficult to distinguish allergies since they have similar symptoms. You need to notice a certain pattern that follows. To pinpoint the exact cause, you need to keep a track of your symptom history and notice any common trends. A flu can make your muscles and body feel achy, and can also be accompanied by fatigue and chills. On the other hand allergic rhinitis may not have muscle pains much, but get aggravated immediately by dust, chill weather, etc.

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