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Balding 101: Root cause, Early signs, & Natural Treatment


Baldness is a part of the aging process for some, and for others, a source of distress. The problem of baldness is increasing day by day. Many people start losing their hair in their early 20s, which results in baldness at a very young age. Most men suffer from baldness most of the time, but it can affect women too! If you are experiencing this hair fall problem in the middle ages, it seems ordinary, but baldness at a very young age is an alarm that there is something wrong.

Baldness is not an unsafe or life-threatening condition but is a source of constant stress and worry. People suffering from severe hair loss and baldness tend to have low self-esteem and confidence levels.


Early signs of baldness and how to stop them with the power of homeopathic herbs and ingredients

It requires a customized approach to treat hair fall & hair loss efficiently. To treat male pattern baldness successfully, one needs to go to the foundation of the issue. The determination of male pattern baldness treatment depends on diagnosing the specific reason for it, the degree of male pattern baldness, the evaluation of hairlessness, and the state of the hair and scalp. It is acceptable to give some additional TLC to our mane and scalp, but only if you diagnose the problem early & work on eliminating it.

The winter months set off dandruff, disturbing the scalp and prompting significantly more noteworthy hair fallouts. B&T Hair Growth Oil is the best hair oil for hair regrowth. It is perfect for occasional changes to ensure, mitigate, and aid the scalp and keep up an ideally adjusted small-scale biome. In contrast, many experiences the ill effects of male pattern baldness at a very young age; the reasons for hairlessness can be unique. Going from stress, hormones, over hairstyling, diet changes, and hereditary, finding the underlying cause of hair loss can be quite tricky.

Enlisted below are some of the major early signs of Balding, which, if detected earlier, can help slow down the process & possibly help in hair regrowth.

  • A receding hairline is one the most widely recognized indications of thinning up top, frequently beginning with a somewhat retreating hairline to the significantly more evident V-molded hairline. Photographs are another conspicuous method to work out if you are experiencing a receding hairline. Luckily, thinning up top is a slow procedure, so the sooner you notice the signs, the better the advances you can take to stop the indications of going bald and locate the correct hair fall control treatment.
  • Heredity: A pattern of baldness that runs in the family and has been passed on from one generation to the other.
  • Debility: physical weakness or sudden loss of nutrients from the diet can also cause alopecia.
  • Nourishing inadequacy
  • Clinical clutters like Thyroid Disorders, Diabetes, and PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome.
  • Stress and tension
  • Immune system issue
  • Dandruff
  • Scalp Psoriasis
  • Unreasonable dryness or slickness of the scalp
  • Trichotillomania

One of the keys to halting male pattern baldness is seeing the indications of baldness and hairlessness. The sooner you move to forestall male pattern baldness, the more hair you’ll have the option to spare. Sadly, recognizing male pattern baldness isn’t, in every case, simple. Huge numbers of the most well-known signs of male pattern baldness you can discover online aren’t reliable, committing it simple to error ordinary male pattern baldness (from non-harmed hair follicles, which will develop back) for male example sparseness.

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Fortunately, there are some genuine indications of male example sparseness that you can use to recognize and manage male pattern baldness. Beneath, we’ve recorded three signs that you ought to know about, just as straightforward, however successful ways that you can make a move to keep your male pattern baldness from getting worse.

Top 10 Reasons For Baldness In Women

Long or short, blonde or brunette, a healthy, strong thick, and shiny hair are one of the most beautiful assets for a woman. Healthy hair is an indication of a healthy body and a healthy mind. It gives great confidence and enhances the beauty and attitude of a woman.

The scalp contains around a million hair follicles, and each follicle follows a growth cycle, falls out, and then is replaced by new hair.

Every month, a hair shaft grows around half an inch, repeats the cycle, and maintains a growth phase throughout life.

Though a little hair loss in day-to-day life is common, sometimes it exceeds the limit and falls out in bunches, or the hair starts to thin, affecting the person’s confidence.

Many factors affect hair growth in women, from physical causes such as heat and chemicals to medical conditions including mental stress, hormonal imbalance, lifestyle factors such as food habits, and using too many hairstyle products.

Though many cases of severe hair fall due to various causes are common in women, female baldness is very rare and usually occurs in older women. This condition is called female pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia in women.

  • Genetics may be passed down from parents to children, where different genes are involved.
  • Some endocrine conditions like tumors in the hormone-secreting glands
  • Smoking
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Stress
  • Improper diet, crash diets.
  • Hair treatments that break or damage the hair include straightening irons, bleach, and perms.
  • Certain long-term medical conditions such as cancer and medications such as hormone pills, childbirth, and breastfeeding.
  • Certain skin and scalp diseases such as tinea capitis, alopecia areata
  • Certain physical factors such as constant sun exposure, pollution, and chemicals
  • Some dyes and hair colors too can damage the hair.

Prevention is better than cure!

Sure shot remedies to prevent baldness in Both Men & Women.

How to prevent baldness is not a big deal nowadays. All you need to do is do a little homework and look for logical answers:

  • Understand the cause from the early signs. Trying various medicines or remedies to cure the problem is not practical. First, find out the exact reason behind the problem. Consulting a dermatologist or hair expert in the first instance will help search for the right path.
  • Medical treatments. The upgrades of science gave us various techniques to prevent this condition. These methods contribute to re-growing the lost hair. Finasteride is a pill used to prevent the formation of the androgenic hormone found in men that affects hair loss. But it is known for its side effects like impotence, decreased libido, etc. To make things easy, homeopathy has medicines like Lycopodium, Baryta Carb, and Phosphoric Acid are the best-known homeopathy remedies for hair re-growth.
  • Another method is hair transplant. It is expensive but an effective way to reduce it. Hair cloning is also popular these days. These techniques have their pitfalls, and science is trying hard to get through some better solutions with minimal side effects.
  • Get enough protein in your diet. It is not always possible to depend on medicines for everything. Nutritional deficiency is one of the primary causes of receding hairline. So, if you tend to make certain changes in your diet, it may help you safely deal with baldness. Including egg, fish, bean, soy protein, green vegetables, oats, milk, etc., can also be beneficial.
  • Choose the shampoos and conditioners with utmost care. At times, a particular shampoo is not favoring our type of hair, and people ignore the symptoms of hair fall, which become critical.
  • Massage your scalp. One of the major reasons for hair fall can be dried follicles that become asleep and inactive. It makes hair fragile and drives to temporary hair loss or baldness. Several hair oils help you in the re-growth of lost hair. Zauberol from B&T is a premium hair oil. It helps in reducing hair fall and makes

For a quick rundown, prevent & manage Hair loss with:

  • A healthy diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and water.
  • Using mild and natural hair products.
  • Taking supplements such as vitamins, iron, and calcium.
  • Avoid harsh hair treatments.
  • Regular oil massages, etc.

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Homeopathic treatment for hair fall with medicines to enhance hair growth

There are many medicines in homeopathy that help improve and treat the conditions. In addition to the medicines to be taken orally, many good hair growth oils contain ingredients used in homeopathy. There are also shampoos containing the herbs used in homeopathy. They help re-growth hair and rejuvenate the hair follicles by nourishing the scalp. They contain natural ingredients without any known side effects.

Homeopathic medicine for hair growth

Some of the most important medicines for successfully treating hair fall are Acidum fluoricum, Acidum phosphoricumNatrum muriaticumSilicea, Phosphorus, Mezereum, Kali carbonicumKali sulphuricumLycopodiumGraphitesSeleniumVinca minor, etc.
Some of the mother tinctures are Arnica montana, Jaborandi, Ceonathus americanus, Salvia officinalis, etc.

Shampoo & Hair Oil fortified with homeopathic herbs

Homeopathy has explicit medications for baldness, contingent upon the underlying driver of the issue. An eminent homeopath considers the case history in detail and finds the root cause of the issue. They would then be able to endorse the fitting homeopathic drug to the person. Balding alludes to an unreasonable loss of hair on the scalp. It is a reason for concern once the baldness gets extreme. It is standard to dispose of some 100 strands of hair consistently as a feature of the pattern of developing and shedding hair.

B&T Arnica Shampoo and B&T Anti-dandruff Shampoo from Schwabe India are enriched with the natural herbs used in homeopathy. They are mild and give a natural sheen to the hair.

Some of the best hair growth oils include ZauberolHair Growth Oil7oL, and Anti-dandruff oil, which contain well-known popularly used herbs in homeopathy. They are formulated to be effective in controlling hair loss and dandruff.

Why trust Schwabe For Hair Loss Treatment?

While men will generally observe a subsiding hairline, ladies experience their hair parcel expanding. Hair fall control and conditions identified with male pattern baldness differ among people in any case. Hair fall is probably the most considerable difficulty we face, influencing 33% of the populace.

Everybody loses more than 150 strands per day on average. You can use Schwabe’s premium hair oil called Zauberol. It is scientifically proven and tested, has the potential for hair growth, and maintains follicular density. You can also use B&T Arnica Shampoo, which exerts a tonic influence on the scalp and keeps the hair healthy on regular use.

Homeopathy is gaining worldwide acceptance today. It is free from any side effects and can be easily administered, suitable for men and women from all age groups. However, a healthy diet and lifestyle are also required for healthy hair and good homeopathy treatment. A low protein and iron-deficient diet can make your hair weak and thin, aggravating the condition. So why not take an easy homeopathic solution to prevent baldness today with trusted all-natural medicines by Schwabe India. According to research, with a 96.6% fruitful patient result for hair loss, the medical solutions that Schwabe India offers give a great moment to long haul hair fall situation.

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