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5 Common Habits Causing Bloating and Indigestion

Indigestion is annoying, especially when you are making healthy diet choices every day. A healthy digestive system is not just about what you eat, but how and when you eat, your daily habits and what you don’t eat also matter. However, these are some less obvious habits which may cause bloating and indigestion. It may take a bit of trial and error to see which habits cause issues for you. Schwabe India has listed a few common habits that cause bloating and indigestion

1. Eating too fast

Eating too fast not only results in overeating but also makes your stomach look and feel like a balloon after eating. We swallow a lot of air when we eat fast leading to bloating. You should take time to chew your food to avoid bloating and overeating. Chew light foods such as rice at least seven times whereas hard food should be chewed 20 times. Make sure you remember to eat slowly for better digestion.

2. Taking higher quantities of vitamins

Intake of more vitamins than you need won’t make you healthier. It leads to indigestion and other health issues. So one should stick to the recommended daily intake when taking supplements.

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3. Eating dairy

People who cannot digest gluten might struggle with indigestion when they eat wheat. If you are suffering from headaches, fatigue and constipation when you eat food containing wheat, there are chances you might be gluten intolerant. Try a food sensitivity test from the doctor if you have any digestion problems after eating certain foods.

4. Adding too much fiber to the diet

Fiber has many health benefits but adding too much fiber to the diet can cause bloating. You can gradually increase the fiber intake instead of eating a whole chunk.

5. Not sleeping enough

You probably know that sleeping patterns affect your eating habits. You may be surprised to find that lack of sleep can cause digestive problems. Studies have found that people who did not get adequate sleep experience acid reflux more frequently.

If you are facing bloating and indigestion, homeopathic medicines for indigestion such as Dizester Herbal, Biocombination No. 25, Natrum Phosphoricum, Cascara Sagrada MT, Kalium Muriaticum, Natrum Sulphuricum, Alfalfa MT can prove to be effective. If the signs still continue, consult a doctor right away.

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