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Living a Normal Life After the Pandemic: Special Health Check to Keep In Mind Before Going Out

One of the major health issues witnessed by the present generation has been the COVID -19 which grew into a pandemic proportions within no time. There had been an outbreak of this infection in December 2019 in China. By early 2020, the World Health Organization identified this infection to be caused by a virus named SARS-CoV-2, which is a new kind of coronavirus.

Why is COVID-19 such a big cause of worry?

The reasons that make COVID-19 worrisome are

  • This virus is not known to affect humans earlier. As a result, no one is immune to it.
  • There is no vaccination to prevent its occurrence currently.
  • As this virus is found in the nose, throat or mouth, it can spread easily if the infected person sneezes, coughs or even talks loudly.
  • There are many infected people who remain asymptomatic and unknowingly spread infection to others. Even the symptomatic patients are seen to spread this infection unknowingly days before they start to have symptoms of this disease.
  • This virus has the potential to cause very severe symptoms and can prove fatal.

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What measures can we take to live a normal life after the COVID-19 pandemic?

COVID -19 has no precedent and no one can say for how long this pandemic will persist. Several factors play a crucial role in its persistence, such as research studies to know about the virus, research studies to find the right treatment and vaccine against the virus, and people’s efforts to contain the infection. The process to develop a vaccine takes a long time. Even if the process is speeded up it will still take between 12 months -18months to develop the vaccine.

The lockdown method had been ordered by the government of various countries as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 disease. This measure brought down the growth rate of the pandemic successfully. But at the same time lockdown has an adverse impact on the economy of the country. Hence complete lockdown cannot be imposed indefinitely.

We as responsible citizens should follow certain measures to help contain the infection. We can follow the given measures to meet this purpose

  • If you feel unwell stay at home. You should seek medical attention immediately if you have a cough, fever and difficulty breathing.
  • On coughing or sneezing cover your nose or mouth with a tissue, and then throw it in the dustbin.
  • Avoid contact with those who are sick.
  • Avoid going out, especially in crowded areas as much as possible. You can opt for online shopping or home delivery of the essentials as far as possible.
  • Those in high-risk groups should especially avoid going out. These include people over 70 years of age, obese and people with chronic diseases such as high BP, underlying heart, lung or kidney disease or diabetes. Men are found to die at a higher rate than women due to COVID-19.
  • When necessary to go out always wear a mask. Carry an alcohol-based hand rub with you and use it often.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Observe social distancing and maintain a physical distance of 1 metre or 3 feet between yourself and others.
  • At home, daily disinfect frequently touched things and surfaces such as door knobs, bathroom fixtures, phones, toilets, keyboards, tabletops and bedside tables with a sanitizer.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol intake.

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Also since immunity has a key role to play in the prevention of this infection it is advisable to follow measures to boost one’s immunity. This includes

  • Take immunity boosting food and vitamins such as carrots, spinach, dark green leafy vegetables, tomato, sweet potatoes, broccoli and fruits such as citrus fruits, mango and strawberries.
  • Take proper sleep for 7-8hours daily. Sleep is the time the body repairs and recovers itself naturally. Not sleeping enough can predispose an individual to infections.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. One can have plain water, fruit juices and coconut water as well. Water keeps the body well hydrated and helps to flush out the toxins from the body which in turn helps to ward off infection.
  • It is best to avoid parks or gyms at present. Instead one can do exercises at home. Exercise helps to flush out toxins from the body through sweat. One can choose from different types of exercises based on one’s capability and interest. These include rope skipping, push-ups, jogging on the spot, planks and lunges. One can even opt for yoga to help boost immunity.
  • Meditation and deep relaxation exercises bring down stress levels and thus help to boost the immunity of a person.
  • Also, homeopathy has a big role to play in boosting the immunity of a person. It is seen that if someone is already on constitutional homeopathic medications for other preexisting diseases, these medicines are very much capable to protect the person against COVID-19 as well. On the other hand, those people who are free from any disease symptoms can also benefit from homeopathy against COVID-19. According to the health advisory and recommendation of the AYUSH ministry, homeopathic and unani medicines can effectively prevent the new coronavirus infection.

Under this, it has been recommended to give Arsenicum Album 30 on empty stomach for three days as a homeopathic preventive medicine.


COVID-19 is one of the major health issues this generation has witnessed. It has reached pandemic proportion in no time. It is caused by the SARS-CoV virus. Present in the upper respiratory tract it can easily spread from one person to another. It has no known preventive or treatment measures.

To live a normal life after this pandemic one must follow the simple rule of being always careful and not fearful. Care should be taken to follow measures that can contain the spread of infection. These include avoiding going out as far as possible. If necessary wear a mask, avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth, observe social distancing and carry a sanitizer.

Also at home daily disinfect frequently touched objects and wash hands with soap and water regularly for at least 20 seconds. One should take measures such as adequate sleep, rest and exercise, to boost immunity. Unlike allopathy, homeopathy has a lot to offer in this hour of crisis. Permission has been granted that the patients of COVID-19 can be treated with homeopathy.

The Ministry of AYUSH has given guidelines for both the prevention and treatment of mild to severe cases of COVID-19 infection with certain homeopathic medicines. One can refer to a qualified homeopathic physician around them and avail of safe and effective homeopathic treatment to protect oneself and dear ones from this coronavirus menace.

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