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COVID-19 Lockdown: Safeguarding Your physical, Emotional & Mental Health with Homeopathy

With the attack coronavirus in the country, a state of total lockdown with few relaxations has been in effect in India since March 24th, 2020. This has brought life to a standstill for some sections of the population, whereas others struggle to modify their work and livelihood accordingly. Every person has been affected in one way or the other, and it is only natural that this impacts our health vastly. Read on to learn about safeguarding physical, emotional & mental health in this state.

Effects of COVID-19 Lockdown on the lives of people:

Covid19 lockdown has impacted us all in a multitude of ways. A large segment of people (especially those working in corporate setups) has been asked to work from home. Similarly, students have also been asked to attend virtual classes. Both struggle with connectivity issues, setting up an environment conducive to work or studies in their often-disruptive homes and converting all work into a digital format. Needless to say, this is easy neither on the mind nor on the body.

People running businesses (especially small business owners like shopkeepers, etc.) are adversely affected as shops and stores remain closed, or open for a few hours only. The majority of the population is under financial strain at this point.

Perhaps the worst affected are daily wage workers and laborers. As their work comes to a complete halt, they find themselves unable to buy sustenance, especially with high prices. Many are stranded in foreign cities with no means to reach home, and their families find it difficult to arrange two square meals a day.

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For others, as well, even with all amenities at our disposal, the restriction to going out poses its own unique challenges. We are cut off from meeting friends and family, we are unable to visit places of health and recreation, and the compulsion to stay home has made us restless and jittery. Many of us have been stuck in places away from our families. The current situation is unprecedented, unexpected, and one that we were never prepared for.

Why maintaining your physical, emotional & mental health is most important in these times?

Let us see how our health is impacted under lockdown. We have already discussed how our lives have changed currently, and the problems that we are facing. All those factors tend to put a strain on our minds and negatively affect our mental health. The persistent stress of being away from loved ones and struggling to sustain work and household tasks surely is a cause for alarm.

Our emotional health, similarly, suffers as we are unable to meet our loved ones. We are unable to access and visit places of interest, and the rules and restraints of lockdown can make us feel caged. Quarantining with the same people for over two months can lead to strained relations with them, and misplaced anger and frustration may be taken out on each other. The current state is one of helplessness, uncertainty, and frustration at having our plans suspended and lives paused.

The impact on physical health is due to, firstly, a limited availability of healthy food options. Fruits and vegetables available are of limited choice and subpar quality. Also, the persistent staying at home has led to suspension of physical activity for many people. Sedentary living and unhealthy eating habits combined with mental unrest have all contributed to an aggravation of symptoms and general ill-health in many people.

Taking the help of homeopathy: Homeopathy is the ideal solution for our healthcare needs during quarantine. This is for multiple reasons. Firstly, homeopathic medicines are easily available and easy to administer, and can be taken at our homes without specialized help. Secondly, they are capable of dealing with almost all our symptoms in all the planes be it physical, mental or emotional. Indeed, their uniqueness lies in their emphasized action on our mental state, and our emotional health can be efficiently managed by homeopathic medicines. This makes them ideal to combat symptoms currently occurring in people due to stress, anxiety, and uncertainty.

Also, as infections spread far and wide, homeopathic medicines come in handy as efficient immune boosters. It is well known that homeopathy enhances immunity and stimulates an organism to overcome illnesses on its own. Taking homeopathy can work as an immune system booster so that our chances of contracting infections are minimized.

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Homeopathic medicine to help you reduce stress & depression

As discussed, times are difficult and mental unease is common. Uncertainty about the future and worry about loved ones has led to a spike in anxiety attacks among people. Yet others, on seeing their plans and goals fall to pieces due to the pandemic, are spiraling into depressive states. People are stressed about their education, their jobs, their finances, their families, their health, or even about the state of the world in general.
Homeopathy can help to ease off this mental strain. Homeopathic medicines act as excellent mental relaxants and soothe down frazzled nerves so that a person may feel calm and easy. A variety of homeopathic medicines are available that help relax an anxious mind. They are safe to consume and cause no dependence.

Alpha-TS by Schwabe India is one such medicine that lowers stress and tension without causing any adverse effects. It reduces anxiety, controls depressions, helps regulate sleep and provides a general calming effect.

Ginseng 1x by Schwabe India helps to adapt to both mental and physical stressors. Stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, as well as cold, fatigue, etc. can be efficiently managed by taking this medicine. It improves immune function and stimulates vitality. It is available in tablet form and causes no side effects.

Kali phos 6x can be taken to sooth down irritated nerves and calm an anxious state of mind. It also helps regulate a proper sleep cycle. Being a tissue remedy it can be taken regularly without any adverse reactions. These medicines are available at licensed homeopathic pharmacies, and can also be ordered online at Schwabe India.

Homeopathic medicine for your physical health:

As the incidence of coronavirus increases in the country, visiting hospitals becomes an act of anxiety in itself. There is always the chance of contracting an infection at a healthcare facility, and one must try to avoid visiting a health center until absolutely necessary. Minor physical ailments can be well-managed at home using homeopathic medications. Acute problems like stomach issues, minor colds and coughs, aches, pains, etc. can be tackled by making use of homeopathic remedies. Not only does this avoid a visit to a hospital, homeopathy also helps one to heal quicker and with far gentler remedies. Many professional homeopaths have now begun licensed online consultations, and remedies can be ordered online on the Schwabe India website. This ensures a contactless consultation, and one can be treated in the comfort of one’s home.

However, attention must be paid to serious symptoms that may need medical intervention. This is more important in people with chronic illnesses like diabetes, chronic respiratory illnesses, kidney disease, etc. Any alarming signs and symptoms must be carefully observed, and immediate medical help sought if needed.


Observing a nationwide lockdown is the need of the hour to effectively reduce the number of COVID19 cases. This period of lockdown can be better passed if one is in a healthy state of mind and body. Homeopathic medicines can make this uncertain and unpredictable time a little easier for us to bear, so that we come out from this pandemic mentally, physically, and emotionally sound.

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