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Homeopathic ways to manage heart diseases!!

Many a times treatment of Homeopathy for heart disease is quite effective. The potential remedies help in heart disease such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and cardiac arrhythmias. Homoeopathic medicines can also help prevent various causes of heart attack like increased cholesterol and high blood pressure.

1. Magnesium and Potassium – Studies reveal that magnesium supplements keep the blood pressure in check and is good for the overall functioning of the heart. Potassium is known to improve heart function by offsetting the blood pressure from a high salt diet.

2. Maintain optimal weight – Obesity is known to cause both inflammation and increases the risk for heart diseases. Shedding off some pounds is the most important step to reduce risk. Also, where your body stores fat isprobably the most important than how much body fat you have.

3. Essentia Aurea If you are looking for heart tone of homeopathy for heart disease, Essentia Aurea is a good option. It improves the muscular tone of the heart, regulates the pulse, and reduces the narrowing of the blood vessels. This leading Schwabe product has provided adequate relief and also increases the efficiency of the heart muscles.


4. Viscum Pentarkan This is another good option for treatment of homeopathy for heart disease. It regulates mild to moderate form of high blood pressure and helps improving the quality of life. Not only this, it is also useful in arteriosclerosis and weakness of the heart muscles. It also has tonic effect on the blood vessels and heart proving to be a great option for overall heart care.

5. Crataegus Pentarkan This is a brilliant option for elderly people. It improves the circulation and takes care of the cardiac weakness. It tones up the heart and normalises its functions. It also takes care by helping regulate the pulse, lowers the problems of extremities and irregular palpitations especially after sudden stress.

Homeopathy for heart disease offers likely healing solutions with little or rare or no side effects. It does not include any potential for addiction or negative interactions. These remedies benefit your entire system and move into a state of wellness. However, you should never self medicate and always consult a physician.

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