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Heart Diseases: An Overview

Heart diseases include a wide range of conditions affecting different parts of the heart. In 2016, the estimated prevalence of heart diseases in India was 54.5 million. So it is a serious matter of concern. Awareness and prevention at an early age can help in its prevention and early diagnosis.

What are the common symptoms which indicate heart disease? 

Common symptoms which can indicate heart disease are;

  • Fatigue

  • Shortness of breath

  • Irregular heartbeat

  • Swollen feet or ankles

  • Chest pain or chest discomfort

  • Fainting (syncope)

  • Quickly tiring during exercise or physical activity

What are the common diseased heart conditions?

Heart diseases can be classified according to the parts of the heart involved. Common diseased heart conditions are:

  • Atherosclerotic disease: related to blood vessels

  • Heart arrhythmias (abnormal heartbeats)

  • Heart defects, e.g. congenital heart defects

  • Weak heart muscle (dilated cardiomyopathy)

  • Heart disease by infections, e.g. endocarditis

  • Valvular heart disease

What are the risk factors which can develop heart disease?

  • Age: With increasing age, risk of heart disease increases.

  • Intercourse: Men are more prone than women before menopause.

  • Family history; A positive family history of coronary artery disease increases the risk of heart disease.

  • Smoking: It increases the risk of atherosclerosis and its complications.

  • Medical conditions, such as:

– High blood pressure 

– Raised Blood Cholesterol levels increase the risk of atherosclerosis.

– Diabetes mellitus

– Obesity

– Certain chemotherapy drugs and radiation therapy for cancer.

What are the complications of heart disease?

  • Heart failure: when the heart is unable to circulate the blood in the body than that is required. 

  • Heart attack: Due to the blockage of the blood vessel supplying the heart tissues.

  • Stroke: as a result of blocked arteries in the brain.

  • Aneurysm.

  • Sudden cardiac arrest often caused by arrhythmia.

How can heart disease be prevented?

Though congenital and some other heart diseases are not preventable. However, other heart diseases related to lifestyle defects can be prevented by taking the following measures:

  • Stop smoking

  • Adequate management of hypertension, diabetes mellitus and high cholesterol levels. 

  • Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day and break the cycle of indolence 

  • Avoid excessive salt and saturated fat in the diet

  • Reduce stress and try to pursue a healthy life.

Homoeopathic Treatment for Heart Complaints

Homoeopathy has an immense scope in the treatment of heart complaints and its risk factors such as high blood pressure. In the management of heart complaints, homoeopathy offers treatment free from side-effects and major drug-induced complications. These medicines have the potential to regain the muscle strength of heart, removing the plaque from the arteries in cases of atherosclerosis, to revive the body strength, etc.

Essentia Aurea Gold Drops by Dr Willmar Schwabe is one such specially formulated homoeopathic medicine for the heart. It is prescribed by homeopathic physicians to help in the control of heart complaints associated with variation in blood pressure. It is a homoeopathic tonic for heart muscle as it strengthens the muscles of the heart. It helps in the removal of plaques and a decrease in arterial deposits. By this, it helps in the regulation of normal heart rate. It also lowers down the narrowing of blood vessels.

What is Essentia Aurea?

It is a homoeopathic cardiotonic formulated by Dr Willmar Schwabe Pvt. Ltd. It is a combination of medicines supplemented in the treatment of blood pressure fluctuations and other heart complaints associated with it. 

What are the uses of Essentia Aurea?

Homeopaths usually prescribe this because: 

  • It helps in regulating the heart rate in a normal range.

  • It works as a tonic for heart muscles. 

  • It helps in the reduction of blood pressure. 

  • It helps in preventing complications resulting from high blood pressure, such as cardiac dropsy and breathlessness.

  • It also helps in the reduction of anxiety and palpitations.

Composition of Essentia Aurea

Each 100g of Essentia Aurea contains the following remedies: 

Name of Remedy



Arnica montana Q


Suited to plethoric, debilitated individuals with impoverished blood and cardiac dropsy with dyspnea. Fatty degeneration of heart and hypertrophy of the heart. Irregular and feeble pulse.

Aurum muriaticum 4X


Useful in dropsical states from heart disease, especially after scarlet fever. Palpitations, suffocation and great weakness after walking and exertion when related to heart disease. Sleeplessness from palpitations. Liver troubles associated with heart disease. Violent, irregular beating of the heart. Drawing and cutting pain in the heart region. It helps in protecting the kidneys from the effects of the disease.

Convallaria majalis 1X


Beneficial in affections of the heart. Fluttering sensation in the heart while exercising, which last for about a minute. The face becomes red with a sensation as if the heart would stop beating and then start again suddenly accompanied by a faint sick feeling. Pulse is full, compressible and intermittent. Symptoms get better after lying down.

Crataegus oxyacantha Q


It is a well-known heart tonic. Its chief action is upon the muscles of the heart and helps in regaining their strength. Irregular heart actions. High blood pressure. It acts as a sedative in the cross, irritable patients with cardiac symptoms. Beneficial in chronic heart disease accompanied by extreme weakness. Cardiac dropsy, cutaneous chilliness, blueness of fingers and toes, all worsen by exertion or excitement.

Ignatia amara 4X


Anxious feeling in the precordial region. It is accompanied by constriction, anxiety and a disposition to cry. Palpitation of the heart at night and during repose.

Dosage: As prescribed by the Homoeopathic physician.

Side-effects: There are no known side-effects of this medicine.

Contradictions: There are no known contradictions to this medicine.

Precautions before its use:

  • Do not self-medicate to avoid any severe underlying disease or any complications of the disease.

  • Take precautions during pregnancy and lactation period during its use. 


Heart diseases are getting more prevalent in the current era. This rise can be majorly contributed to the increased sedentary way of life, unhealthy diets, raising cases of diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, etc. Homoeopathy is prescribed in heart diseases also as supportive therapy. Dr Willmar Schwabe’s Essentia Aurea is one such homoeopathic cardiotonic meant for heart conditions. It is helpful in the prescription for treating ailments such as pain, breathlessness, irregular heart rate, palpitations, sleeplessness, sweating, nausea and vomiting.