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Homeopathic Medicine for Healthy Growth of Hair

Hair loss today has become one of the most common problems, both for women and men alike and there are many causes behind it. Medications, illness, genetics and age all play a crucial role here. No matter the cause, today homeopathic medicine for hair growth is available that along with slowing hair loss will also help in stimulating the scalp and promoting new growth.

The common causes that lead to hair loss

Baldness usually does not result from a disease, but this is associated with heredity, ageing and testosterone. Along with the common female and male patterns arising from a single or combination of such factors the other possible hair loss causes in a pattern that is unusual is as follows:

  • Hormonal changes like childbirth, thyroid or taking birth control pills
  • Serious illness such as tumor in the adrenal glands or the ovary or even fever?
  • Excessive blow-drying and shampooing?
  • Medication like cancer chemotherapy
  • Permanent hair straightening?
  • Physical or emotional stress
  • Radiation therapy or burns
  • Nervous habits like scalp rubbing or continual hair pulling
  • Alopecia areata?
  • Tinea capitis?
  • Deficiency in nutrients, limited food intake and poor nutrition can lead to thinning of hair

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Hair loss is an indicator that something in your body is not well. The hairs may shed because of a deficiency, systemic disorder or local infection. Depending on the cause the treatment will vary accordingly. Resting on the cause, you can try the most suitable homeopathic medicine for hair growth from these, namely Vinca minor, Thallium metallicum, Syphilinum, Sepia, Selenium, Phosphorus, Acidum phosphoricum, Acidum nitricum, Natrum muriaticum, Lycopodium, Graphites, Acidum fluoricum, Carbo vegetabilis, Baryta carbonica and Alumina.

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