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Top 5 Must Haves For Women

Men and Women both share many health issues that are same in nature. But women go through specific health problems which deserve special considerations. We all are aware that life has been difficult for women from centuries. Her journey starts from the time she takes birth in the family, she blossoms into a teenage girl, falls to the adulthood, pass through the missle and old ages and to death after a certain time. The most important change takes place in a women’s life when she gives birth to her children. During this entire life cycle, she came across chronic and sensitive medical conditions. A female body modifies with age, where hormones play a vital role. She needs thorough care, medication, and proper nutrition for her overall development and one should not forget that her good health is the pillar for a successful family and the society.

Stress and fatigue are common complaints by women after the age of 30. Ailments like infections, hormonal imbalance, loss of memory, lack of concentration, chest pain, muscle pain, chronic abdominal cramping and back pain are common. Women require proper medication, rest and a healthy environment which is most of the times avoided or ignored. Most often women go through painful menstruation, excessive uterine bleeding, distention marks after child birth, menopause, and leucorrhoea. When she passes through the middle ages she encounters menopause with both physical and psychological problems Other regular problems are irritable bowel, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, cold and flu, and nausea. These are common in both the genders for which homeopathic medicines are the best.

With Schwabe India, you need not to worry, they have safe and easy medications to cure each and every health condition. The unending list includes drugs to cure acne, pimples, allergies, stress, muscular pain, irregular menstruation, leucorrhoea, and parturition too. These homeopathic medicines are considered as safe, free from side effects, friendly for her fragile body structure and economical. Here, we have listed 5 best healers that a female should carry with her.

Echincea angustifolia 1x

1. Agnus Castus Pentarkan & Bio combination no. 15 and 13 are best to cure irregular Menstruation and its related troubles.
2. Magnesium Phosphoricum– Anti-spasmodic, cramps, muscular & neuralgic pains.
3. Alpha TS is a must have to cure tension and stress.
4. Calcarea sulphurica cures skin related disease faced by women like eczema, skin eruption & pimples.
5. Echincea angustifolia 1x– the immune stimulant for every woman.


These five haves give her strength to handle the severity of medical conditions of day to day life. In addition, if you are at a menopausal stage, Klimaktolan will help to manage hot flushes, sleep disorders, loss of libido, depression, irritability etc. No doubts, homeopathy plays a crucial role in treating various health conditions of women.

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