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How To Prevent Your Hair From Greying?

One of the problems the youth face today is the premature greying of hair. This causes a loss of self-confidence and self-esteem in a person resorting to stress. Mostly it is due to genetic reasons but lately many factors such as lifestyle, food, pollution, etc contribute to many hair problems including premature greying. The condition which is otherwise called canites is said to be premature if it occurs before the age of 20-30 years depending on the ethnicity.

Factors causing premature greying

Various factors such as nutritional, genetic and environmental factors play a role in the premature greying of hair.

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Preventive measures and treatment

Proper diet with lots of green vegetables, fruits, berries and nuts. Food rich in protein such as milk products, fish, and eggs helps to strengthen the hair follicles and prevent graying of hair.

  • A healthy lifestyle
  • Stress reduction
  • Avoiding smoking
  • Using natural hair products
  • Avoid using harsh hair treatments
  • Regular oil and hair massage

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Homeopathy medicine for hair growth and for premature greying of hair

There are many effective medicines to control and prevent premature greying of hair in youngsters. Along with that, the medicines also help to reduce stress and other associated symptoms such as hairfall, dandruff etc. Some of the best medicines for premature greying of hair in homeopathy are Lycopodium Clavatum, Phosphorus, Acidum Phosphoricum, Silicea, Thyroidinum, Psorinum, Natrum muriaticum, Graphites, Sulphur, Thuja, Calcarea phosphoricum, etc. There are also various mother tinctures that help in reducing and preventing premature greying of hair such as Salvia officinalis, Arnica Montana, Jaborandi, Ceonathus, etc.

Homeopathic hair oil for premature greying of hair

Many natural hair care products are available in the market and there are also many home remedies to prevent greying of hair. One can always find the best hair oil for hair growth which is suitable to him/her by looking closely at the ingredients and preliminary usage. Some of the best homeopathic hair oils are Zauberol, Zauber Hair Drops, Hair Growth Oil, 7oL and Anti-dandruff oil, which contain well-known popularly used herbs in homoeopathy.

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