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How Homeopathy Resolves Skin Problems?

How Homeopathy Resolves Skin Problems

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Not only glowing skin makes one look attractive but it is also the mirror of the overall good health of an individual. On the other hand, skin problems can be not only physically troublesome but emotionally challenging too. In this article, we will know the role of homeopathy in the treatment of common skin problems. 

What are the common skin problems?

1. Acne


It is caused due to increased oil secretion under the influence of the androgen hormone in the body. The increased androgen hormone production makes the old skin cells sticky. These sticky cells are difficult to shed and instead clog the pores. Further, the propagation of organisms such as propionibacterium in clogged pores causes inflammation and acne.

2. Shingles


Also called herpes zoster is caused by the Varicella Zoster virus which also causes chicken pox. Following an episode of chickenpox, the virus may remain dormant within the body of patients and becomes reactive when the immunity of the individual decreases at any time in life.

3. Eczema


Several factors such as genetics as well as environmental triggers are believed to cause eczema. Atopic dermatitis is the most common form of eczema. 

4. Skin Cancer

skin cancer

About 1-2 % of diagnosed cancer cases in India are skin cancer. Depending on the kind of skin cell involved there are different types of skin cancer. Melanoma, which is the cancer of the melanocytes or the pigment-producing cells in the skin, results in most deaths due to skin cancer.

5. Psoriasis


This is an autoimmune skin problem in which the skin cells multiply at an abnormally fast pace. This causes a buildup of cells on the skin’s surface thus forming patches of white and flaky areas that don’t shed.

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6. Rosacea

It is more common in people who are fair-skinned or those who have easy flushing of the face. It mostly begins as redness around the nose and cheeks and can later even lead to pimples or even enlarged noses.

7. Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s Foot

It is an infectious skin problem that is caused by a fungus which is commonly found in moist areas such as swimming pool lockers, wet socks, moist shoes or shower cubicles. It causes itchy and flaky skin between the toes or fingers and can even spread to nails. 

8. Vitiligo


It is an autoimmune disorder in which the melanocytes either die or stop functioning resulting in patches of depigmented skin.

9. Urticarial or hives

Urticarial or hives

It is caused due to an allergic reaction to certain substances such as pet dander, transfusion of improperly matched blood, insect bites, antibiotics, or food such as peanuts and shellfish.

10. Liver or age spots

Liver Or Age Spots

It is a harmless condition that occurs due to excessive exposure of the skin to sun rays.        

What are the common causes of skin diseases?

  • Microorganisms such as bacteria that get trapped in the pores of the skin or fungus and parasites that are living on the skin and viruses
  • Faulty genes
  • Medications 
  • Diabetes
  • Allergens or environmental triggers
  • Sun
  • Improper functioning of the immune system, thyroid or kidneys. 

What are the common signs and symptoms of skin diseases?

What are the steps to prevent skin problems?

Certain skin problems such as those due to faulty genes or autoimmune skin problems cannot be prevented. However contagious skin problems can be prevented and reduced in intensity with the help of the following tips: –

  • Avoid sharing personal items such as cosmetics and utensils
  • Disinfect items of public use such as gym equipment.
  • Eat a nutritious diet and have plenty of water
  • Have 7-8 hours of sleep every night 
  • Regularly wash hands with water and soap
  • Avoid contact with harsh irritants and chemicals
  • Use sunscreen to avoid damage from the sun

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How homeopathy can resolve skin problems?

Homeopathy has a significant role to play in the treatment of skin problems. Homeopathic medicines can not only treat the acute episodes of infectious skin problems but they enhance the immunity of the individual to avoid such incidences in future.

Homeopathic medicines can help to regain the hormonal balance in the body and help to resolve skin problems due to abnormal production of hormones such as androgens, thyroid hormones and insulin as seen in diabetes. Skin allergies, eczema and urticaria that occur due to hypersensitivity of the immune system are very effectively treated with homeopathic medicines.

Certain skin problems respond well to the short duration of treatment whereas more chronic problems such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or vitiligo require prolonged treatment. For skin problems such as cancer where a complete cure is not possible, homeopathy can help to palliate the condition. Homeopathic medicines are not only effective in resolving skin problems but they are safe and don’t cause any side effects. They can be given even to neonates and pregnant females.

The best homeopathic medicine for any skin problem is the one which is the most similar to the disease picture in hand. Symptoms from both mental and physical spheres are elicited to reach such a similar homeopathic medicine.     

Common homeopathic medicine for pigmentation removal and skin glow

  • Berberis aquifolium– It is very effective in treating dry, rough and scaly skin that is prone to acne and blotches. It stimulates glands and improves nutrition and thus helping to clear the complexion.
  • Sepia– It is effective in treating chloasma and saddle-like brownish pigmentation on cheeks and nose that begins especially during the pregnancy.

Common homeopathic medicine for skin rashes

  • Apis mellifica– It is effective to treat rashes that are associated with burning and stinging pain, swelling and amelioration of symptoms from the cold application.
  • Belladonna– It is very effective to treat skin rashes that are markedly red in appearance. The skin is generally dry, hot and tender to the touch.
  • Medorrhinum – It is very effective in treating skin rashes, especially in the pelvic area such as seen in babies as diaper rashes. The patient as a person is sensitive to heat and desires oranges, ice and cold drinks and there is relief in symptoms when at the seashore. 


Skin is the largest and most vital organ in the body. There are various types of skin problems caused by factors such as microorganisms such as bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses, faulty genes, certain medications, allergens or environmental triggers, sun and improper functioning of the immune system, thyroid or kidneys.

Acne, vitiligo, athlete’s foot, age spots, cancer, psoriasis, hives, herpes, rosacea and eczema are common skin problems. Dry, rough skin, ulcers, open pores, rashes with pain or itchiness, white, red or pus-filled bump, scaly skin and discoloration of the skin are common signs and symptoms of skin disorders.

Homeopathy has been found to be very effective in the treatment of various skin problems. It does not cause any side effects and can be given even to pregnant females and neonates. It can control not only the acute episodes of skin problems but also help to eliminate the tendency to have such future episodes.

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