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Homeopathic medicine for black spots

What are the black spots on the face?
Dark spots, discoloration oruneven skin tone? is clinically referred to as hyperpigmentation which is characterised by darkening of an area of the skin and nails. It is a condition caused by increased levels of melanin, the pigment in the body that determines skin colour. While it is more common in dark-skinned people who naturally have increased melanin levels, anyone can develop this condition.

Statistics on black spots on face

The facial dark spots are caused by exposure to UV rays from the sun. 90% of the people over the age of 60 usually suffer from this, however many younger men and women have sun-related dark spots as well.


There are several factors that cause dark spots.? The main causative factor is excessive production of melanin. The other reasons are injuries and inflammations that leave dark spots on healing. Some of the common reasons are genetics, pregnancy, UV rays, hormonal imbalance? and skin diseases amongst? many others. Between the ages of 20 and 50, hormonal variances are caused by stress, contraceptive pills, pregnancies, and menopause. Extreme exposure to sunlight? accounts for some dark spots at later stages in life. Below the age of 20, acne can also cause dark spots due to scarring and red marks left by the infection.

Symptoms :

The main symptom is spots appearing as a result of exposure to sunlight which include both age spots and acne as the first signs of dark spots. They often affect the uniformity and radiance of the? skin indicating the signs of? ageing. Dark spots are preludes for wrinkles and can strike any woman regardless of the skin type or color.


The only way to avoid developing dark spots is to actively protect your face from ultraviolet radiation exposure over the course of r life. A healthy diet also directly helps in preventing the aforesaid problem to a great extent.



Homeopathic medicine for black spots:

Homoeopathy is well-known for its positive effects on the skin diseases. Schwabe has a wide range of products for the aforesaid problem are both internally and as external application. Schwabe’s Topi Berberis homeopathic cream helps to a great extent to eliminate black spots on the face. Also the Bio Combination no. 20 is a great supportive drug in the treatment of skin related problems .The B&T glow and fairness soap is a good cleanser for a healthy skin routine.

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