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Do You Fall Ill Easily? Here are the reasons for a weak immune system

Every one of us must have wondered sometime why we fall ill. What are the things which make us sick or maintain our health when we are not sick? The one-word answer to these questions is our immunity.

Immunity is the sword with which our body fights the harmful agents in the environment and keeps the body healthy. Immunity is a product of different cells, their interaction and reactions which helps to fight harmful agents. In our body, there are different organs which are responsible for the production and release of these cells, as and when required by the body. Major organs which contribute to immunity are bone marrow, thymus, liver, spleen, lymph nodes etc.

Types of Immunity

1. Innate immunity

Defense mechanisms of our body which are present since after birth in our body are grouped under innate immunity. For example- saliva helps to kill microorganisms through its protein-breaking property is present since birth.

2. Acquired immunity

Those defense mechanisms which are acquired throughout our life are termed acquired immunity. For example- antibodies developed in our body after having an infection.

When this defense mechanism gets lowered due to any reason like suppression of the function of any of the organs related to immunity etc., then the person acquires infection and becomes diseased. Some people fall ill easily, which means that their immune system is weaker. A weak immune system can be due to many reasons. These include primary and secondary causes which the primary reasons include genetic defects in the body which are present since after the time of conception. Secondary reasons are those which are acquired after birth and are the common causes of a weak immune system. Some of these common secondary causes for a weak immune system are malnutrition, diabetes, severe burns, weak digestion, etc.

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To make your immune system stronger you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The following are helpful tips to keep a healthy lifestyle.

  • The first step is to eat healthy food, which means having a balanced diet at every meal. A balanced diet means the food you consume should include all the essential nutrients you require. Hence it should be a mixture of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins in proper amounts.
  • Exercise plays a major role in a healthy lifestyle and improving your immunity. For this purpose, morning walks, aerobics or yoga is quite sufficient instead of heavy workouts. It does not just make your immune system stronger, but also keeps you fit and happier as exercise stimulates the production of hormones which makes you feel happy.
  • Adequate Sun exposure is necessary to provide your body with vitamin D. Vitamin D helps in making the immune system stronger.

Our immune system might need some external help to improvise itself if the causes for its weakness are not removed by the above measures. Instead of removing the micro-organisms from the body, homeopathic medicines make the immune system stronger and help it to fight the infection by itself. Homeopathic medicines also help to calm it in cases when our own immunity harms us in cases of autoimmune disorders.

There are many homeopathic medicines for the immune system. Following is a list of some common homeopathic medicines to increase immunity:

Baryta carbonicum: It acts on the glandular system and helps to eliminate the tendency to quinsy or tonsillitis by strengthening our immune system. Especially suited to children whose developmental landmarks are delayed with a weak immune system leading to frequent infections.

Lachesis mutus: It has marked action upon the nervous system, blood and glands responsible for immunity. For the low forms of diseases where the system is thoroughly poisoned and excessive prostration accompanies.

Mercurius solubilis: For people who can be called human thermometers are affected by every change of weather and temperature due to their weak immune systems. It affects the lymphatic system, glands and bones which are a part of our immune system. Hence it tends to stimulate our immune system and make it stronger. Symptomatically, there can be frequent coryza with sneezing; ulcers in the throat etc. on every change of weather.

Phytolacca decandra: It has a marked action on glands, lymph nodes, bones, muscles and kidneys, all of which are a part of our immune system. It helps to stimulate them and increase our immunity.

Silicea terra: When there is defective absorption of nutritive substances which leads to defective nutrition and weak immunity, this medicine should be given. When this weakness produces a condition of lassitude, fatigue, headache, and irritability, associated chiefly with emotional disturbance. For ill effects of vaccination.

Thuja occidentalis: Has an antibacterial action and acts as a detoxifier hence found to have immunity builder properties. Also, for bad effects of vaccination especially when skin diseases and neuralgias occur as its reaction. Especially suited to people who have a tendency the formation of wart-like excrescences upon mucous and cutaneous surfaces.

Tuberculinum: For a tendency to take cold from the slightest exposure to cold due to a weak immune system. People have slow restoring power of health or strength and are affected by changes in weather leading to general exhaustion and nervous weakness. Children with weak immune systems and enlarged tonsils are mentally deficient as well.

Munostim: It is an activator of the immune system and it is especially indicated in the prevention of seasonal problems in children. It can also be used together with other specific medicines against colds & flu and against allergies.

Alpha-WD: It is a combination of five proven homoeopathic medicines each known to enhance the body’s resistance power (immuno-stimulation). They complement one another when used for affecting an increase in the body’s resistance power.

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