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Benefits Of Oiling Your Hair

Having voluminous and shiny hair is everyone’s desire and to attain beautiful locks, oiling is considered to be really important. Oiling helps the hair to grow thicker and stronger. Using warm oil for massaging boosts hair growth and supplies all the essential elements required to the hair as well as the scalp. Oiling is the most effective treatment towards hair problems.

There are many different types of hair oils available in the market. Moroccan Argan Oil, Tea tree oil, Hibiscus oil, and Jojoba oil are rich in Vitamin E and balance the ph level of the scalp. Luxe oil does not require excessive massaging but applying them before an hour of washing helps to add the volume and to regain the strength lost due to various chemical treatments. Other oils like Almond, Olive, Walnut, Amla & Coconut Oils are known for nourishing and increasing the blood circulation in the scalp area & strengthening each hair strand. B&T 7oL contains Almond, Argan, Olive, Jojoba, Walnut, Amla & Coconut Oils, which is generally recommended by physicians for oiling. Some of the benefits of oiling your hair are:

Hair Growth:

Oiling helps in hair growth by providing enough nourishment. Massaging your hair with the best oil for hair growth helps in regaining the loses occurred in the process of curling, ironing, and chemical treatments. The oil acts as a replenishing agent. Oiling also strengthens roots which lead to healthy hair growth.

Strengthens Hair Protein:

Oiling helps in nourishing the hair follicle which increases its strength of the hair. Strengthened hair falls less with their bulbs. They are less vulnerable to heat destruction and the problem of split ends are also reduced.

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Healthy hair is always shiny. Hair, when destroyed due to heat, causes split ends and becomes brittle. They lose their natural shine, lustre, and thickness. Regular oiling with the best oil for hair growth keeps hair well stranded, keeps the split hair together and nourishes it from outside thus giving luster and shine to your curls.

Prevents Greying:

Premature-greying of hair is common in youngsters and adults. It occurs due to lack of vitamins and protein in the food digested. It is the deficiency of Vitamin B 12 that results in graying. Regularly oiling and massaging thus helps to retain the color of your hair, and thus giving you black and shining hair. Also, hair is prevented from harmful rays of sunlight by forming a protective sheath around the hair protein. UV rays are blocked by the oil that nourishes hair. Nourished hair is more resistant to harmful rays.

Relaxes Mind and Body:

Massaging your scalp not only helps in rejuvenating your hair but it also relaxes nerves in the brain thus facilitating blood circulation in the head area. Oiling also soothes capillaries and nerves in the brain.

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