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5 Best Homeopathic Remedies For Period Pain

Do you feel critical pain in the stomach, back, thighs and legs during periods? These symptoms of pain are known as Dysmenorrhea. All these symptoms are so common and regular that every girl considers them normal signs. But you cannot avoid and ignore these cramps and pain when it is severe. So, if you are also suffering from typical period pain, then it should be treated.

The nature and severity of the pain vary from one female to another. A few suffer from severe pain and others experience mild. The sharp pain often makes you lie in the bed for days, while a few have some cramping and a few feel the discomfort. With the types of pain, the locations are also different some complaint of pain in the back or leg, or in the lower abdomen, etc. During these days many women come across nausea, irritation, loss of appetite, chills, cravings for some particular foods, etc. kinds of feelings.

So, say goodbye to the painkillers and take the proper medications under the supervision of a trained homeopath and get the treatment with the most trusted homeopathic remedies for period pain.

1. Belladonna It is effective when it feels like cramps or labor pain, may feel the pelvic organs will come out, and there is tension in the genitals or abdomen. Sharp moments of pulsating pain with a sharp opening, the cramps get critical from touch. The painful stings come on suddenly and halt abruptly; the flow is horrible and contains clots. Painful mensuration is intensely uncomfortable; the vagina is burning, and dry, and the pains are striking through the pelvis.

2. Chamomilla It helps when you suffer from irritation, pointing out someone’s mistake and snapping over small issues. The pain gets worse from anger and better with warmth; the patient often cries out from the discomfort.

3. Cimicifuga– This homeopathic medicine helps in reducing lower back pain during excess flow that gets complicated by motion. When the pain is proportional to the flow, if there is excess flow then the pain also increases. Cimicifuga also cures the stiffness of the neck and shoulders and pain in the pelvic region.

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4. Colocynthis This medicine is useful for the piercing pains in ovaries which may occur before the flow begins, and painful cramps, it cures restlessness when the pain decreases with heat effects and applying pressure on the belly. Episodes of stress or repressed anger often provoke pain during periods.

5. Magnesia phos None of the homeopathic remedies has achieved distinguished clinical reliability in period pain than Mag Phos. Females prefer this medicine during the gentle pressure for cramp relief, release from warmth, and bending forward, and the pain intensified in the uterus.

All these homeopathic remedies for period pain are best to control the problem. Homeopathy has a broad range of natural medicines like Pulsatilla, Apis, Caulophyllum, and Viburnum opulus to provide relief from menses.

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