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Viburnum opulus CH

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Viburnum opulus is made from genuine raw materials, back potency and expensive and purest form of alcohol, namely Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA).

The use of genuine raw materials, back potency and expensive and purest form of alcohol, namely Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) make Schwabe India dilutions superior to other dilutions available in the market. Extra Neutral Alcohol guarantees that the dilutions and mother tinctures are free from impurities. Drug potentisation is done using the Hahnemannian method, which was introduced by Dr. Hahnemann himself and followed by Dr. Willmar Schwabe from the beginning.

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6CH 30ml, 12CH 30ml, 30CH 30ml, 200CH 30ml, 1M 30ml

It is good remedy for female symptoms. Often prevents miscarriage. False labor pains. Spasmodic and congestive affections, dependent upon ovarian or uterine origin. It is well indicated remedy for cramps. Colicky pains in pelvic organs. Super conscious of internal sexual organs.

Head: Severe pain in temporal region. Sore feeling in eyeballs. Irritable with vertigo, feels as if falling forward.

Nose: Sneezing. Watery coryza from nose.

Respiratory: Suffocating spells at night. Shooting over left sixth rib near sternum. In lungs sensation as if muscles of chest failed to act, causing difficulty in breathing. Heart?s action increased. Hoarseness of voice.

Stomach: Loss of appetite. Constant nausea relieved by eating.

Abdomen: Sudden cramps and colic pains. Tender to pressure about umbilicus.

Female: Bearing down pains before. Ovarian region feels heavy and congested. Aching in sacrum and pubes, with pain in anterior muscles of thighs spasmodic and membranous dysmenorrhoea. Leucorrhoea, excoriating. Menses too late, scanty, lasting a few hours, offensive in odour, with cramping pains, cramps extend down thighs. Smarting and itching of genitals. Faint on attempting to sit up. Frequent and very early miscarriage, causing seeming sterility. Pains from back to loins and womb worse early morning.

Urinary: Copious, pale, light colored urine. Cannot hold water on coughing or walking. Frequent urging to pass urine.

Rectum: Stools large and hard, with cutting pain in rectum and soreness of anus.

Extremities: Feels as if back would break. Sacral backache. Lower extremities weak and heavy. Stiff, sore feeling in nape of neck.

Modalities : Worse from lying on affected side, in warm room, evening and night. Better in open air and resting.

Dosage: Please note that the dosage of single homoeopathic medicines varies from drug to drug depending upon the condition, age sensitivity and other things. In some cases they are given as regular doses as 3-5 drops 2-3 times a day whereas in other cases they are given only once in a week, month or even in a long period. We strongly recommend that the medication should be taken as per the physician?s advice.

Please avoid taking any food or drinks for a few minutes before and after taking the medication.

Side effects: No side effect of this remedy is known in therapeutic doses.

Contraindication: No contraindication for the use of this remedy is known.

Manufactured in India by Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. A-36, Sector-60, Uttar Pradesh, Noida – 201304.

Country of Origin: India.

Registered office Address: Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. H-36, Green Park Extension, New Delhi, Pin: 110016.


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