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Hair Care Tips And Tricks For All Season

A great hair day is a preamble to a great day. No matter what kind of hair you have, care is essential for you to have those great days especially in this age when pollution, water quality, stress, etc. lead to damaged and declining hair quality. The followings tips and tricks will guide through all the seasons and all the problems that lead to a bad hair day.

1. Oiling your hair

It used to be a childhood ritual to get an oil massage from your mother every Sunday. And she was right in making sure that the scalp remained well oiled. It reduces the stress of shampoo with regular use of hair oil for hair growth. The massage also lets your hair breathe and dispense essential minerals across the scalp.

2. Regular Shampooing and Using Conditioner

It is necessary to wash your locks twice a week. It is also beneficial to some if a conditioner is used in each wash as hair loses its nutrients and scalp becomes dry. Some conditioners give the oil and minerals needed for hair growth and to keep your hair healthy.

3. Towel Drying

Who doesn’t love some bounce in their tresses. You blow dry or curl to give them an extra oomph. But what it leads to is damage. So minimize the amount of time on blowers and prefer towel drying. Use some good hair oil for hair growth to lessen the damage on your scalp.

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4. Combing wet hair

Who has not lost tons of hair while combing them wet or just after a shower. Use of Moroccan Oil untangles your hair to put less pressure on the tresses. But no combing is as bad as harshly combing your hair while it is wet. So, go easy on yourself and your hair. Tie them when you are sleeping, use a wide tooth comb and most importantly sometimes let your hair down.

5. Hair Mask and Hair Treatments

As your face needs hydration and pampering, so does your hair. Spend a day at a spa, getting those essential oils to improve their strength, a hair mask to lock in those oils and then a good blow dry to give it that bounce. A little bit of indulgence goes a long way.

Use these simple tips for their perfect growth and as well as keeping them long, silky and healthy. It doesn’t require too much time or trouble for you to not go bald one day!

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