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Effective Homeopathic Medicines to treat Sciatica

The feeling of unbearable pain in the back or buttocks, that runs down the thighs and which extends to the feet is the first sign of Sciatica. It is also associated with numbness and tingling sensation in the legs with weakness.

Usually, it starts from the back due to the compression of nerve roots from the spinal cord which continues to the hips and buttocks and then to the feet. It is more common in men than women. It mostly affects people of age group 40-50 and lasts up to six or seven weeks. Sometimes it persists for a long duration. The fact is that it is not a disorder by itself but a symptom of pain in the pathway of the sciatic nerve. It is typically a one sided complaint but gradually it might affect both the sides. Most of the times the causative factor is the unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle such as,

  • poor posture
  • sleeping on an uneven mattress
  • muscular strain
  • obesity
  • lumbar disc prolapse – Spinal disc herniation
  • wearing high heels, etc.

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Some of the symptoms that affect the person

  • Pain in the back and thighs while asleep.
  • Pulsating pain in the lower back.
  • Weakness and sensation of numbness in the feet and legs.
  • Trouble in exercising.
  • Sensation of shooting pins and needles in the feet and toes.

There are many homeopathic medicines for sciatica. It entirely depends on the cause of the nerve damage, so it is better to take doctors advice before taking any medication. Painkillers may provide for temporary relief but the homoeopathic remedies for sciatica treat the problem from the root cause and provide long-term relief. Some of the best medicines for sciatica are:

1) Ammonium Muriaticum For tearing and shooting pain, difficulty in stretching the legs, heel pains, worse resting in bed. Walking straight tends to be more painful.

2) Arsenicum When the pain is caused by a cold. The signs are weakness, exhaustion, chilliness, burning pain, and restlessness from hip to toe. For these symptoms, Arsenicum proves to be one of the best homeopathic medicine for sciatica.

3) Chamomilla When the pain is sharp and tearing, it covers the buttocks, and heels with the feeling of numbness. The pain becomes unbearable at night and gets worse from warmth.

4) Colocynthis If the pain is only on the left side and it improves with pressure and warmth, Colocynthis works the best.


 5) Phytolacca The aching pain, which comes down shooting towards the thighs and legs. If there is an unbearable stiffness and contractions which get worse from pressure, then Phytolacca is useful in such cases.


Homeopathy relieves the pain during acute attacks of sciatica. It also prevents the recurrence of such painful episodes. Making several lifestyle changes along with these medicines can keep the pain away.

Some preventive measures that can be taken to avoid this condition are:

  • resting on a chair with a firm back
  • sitting in a correct posture
  • sleeping on firm mattresses
  • exercising regularly
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