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Why Does Digestive System Play A Key Role In Maintaining Your Overall Health?

The human digestive system is a complex, dynamic and perpetually active metabolic workstation. The process of digestion is complex and involves a vast range of enzymes, hormones and metabolic reactions occurring in several organs. It is only logical that a healthy digestive system is of prime importance in maintaining the health of an individual.

The Digestive Organs

The digestive system begins from the mouth. Food ingested by the mouth goes down into the stomach by travelling through the food pipe, medically known as esophagus. The stomach is connected to the small intestine and then the large intestine. The digestive tract also comprises the liver and gall bladder, as well as the pancreatic gland, openings of which are present in the intestinal tunnel.

The vermiform appendix, which is a vestigial organ, opens into the large intestine. The large intestine terminates into the rectum which is followed by an anal canal that opens out the body and helps to expel the final waste.

Functions of the Digestive System

The digestive system performs many related functions for our well-being. Digestion is of course the primary one. Digestion not only involves the breakdown and absorption of energy sources but also provides our body with vital minerals to use. The excretion of waste material from the body is equally essential and occurs via the digestive system itself. If the digestive system in a body is working at a suboptimal level, disease invariably results.

Diseases arising from a poorly functioning digestive system may take many forms and may even spread to other systems. It is not uncommon for people suffering from excess gas formation to also get associated headaches. Many other such examples exist.

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What can influence our digestive efficiency?

  • Primarily, the diet. What we put in our bodies matters a lot. A diet rich in fibre, vegetables and fruits, is well-digested by the body. Rich, spicy, oily meals take longer to be digested and may also cause sluggish bowels.
  • Age: The digestive activity slows down with increasing age.
  • Stress: Stress greatly impacts our digestive system. Indeed, irritable bowel syndrome is primarily caused, and aggravated, by stress. This disorder is becoming increasingly common and the incidence is rising especially in urban settings.
  • During stress, our body directs most of the blood and energy to vital organs and digestion slows down. Chronic stress can cause sustained poor digestion in the long run.
  • A sedentary lifestyle: Exercise and mobility are essential to regulate digestion. The incidence of constipation is high, especially among people who have poor mobility and do not exercise at all.
  • Dehydration: Adequate hydration is a must and should not be avoided. Plenty of water must be taken to keep our digestive system running smoothly.
  • Routine: Erratic meal timings and frequently skipping meals have an inhibiting effect on digestive efficacy. A regular routine with due regard to meal and snack times must be maintained so that our digestive tract can work well.
  • Certain medications may affect digestion.
  • Food intolerances and chronic infections can affect digestion adversely. For example, gluten sensitivity and lactose intolerance are frequently encountered in today’s times.

Indigestion and Related Complaints

A digestive system that works poorly causes a multitude of symptoms. Indigestion does not generally remain asymptomatic for long. Bloating, heaviness, flatulence, burping and acidity may all be seen in different combinations when the digestion is suboptimal.

Constipation is a quite common problem that a major portion of the population suffers from. On the other end of the spectrum is the problem of frequent loose, undigested stools. Acid reflux and heartburn are rampant especially in populations that consume more oily, spicy foods or alcohol. Gas formation is common and may even cause headaches.

Hemorrhoids are another significant problem that needs medical intervention at the earliest, and yet patients approach their doctor only after remarkable damage has already occurred.
All the conditions discussed above occur singly or in combinations, with varying levels of intensity. A patient may have a vague, uneasy feeling in the abdomen which may be the only sign of indigestion, while another may have full-blown dyspepsia. The result is a detrimental effect on the overall health of a person.

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As food is our prime source of nutrients (and hence energy), a person with poor digestion is certainly going to suffer from poor nutrition and its consequences. Poor digestion may cause a person to lose weight.

As vitamins and minerals are mostly absorbed in the digestive tract, an ill-functioning digestive system may cause a person to suffer from various deficiency diseases as well. Discomfort and disease, no matter how trivial or severe, adversely affect the overall health and productivity of a person in the long run.

Homeopathy and Digestion

Nothing can replace the value of a good diet and exercise. However, medicinal aid is needed when a system falls off track. Homeopathy can help a person regulate their digestive processes and enhance digestive efficiency. Symptoms of indigestion can be managed with homeopathy, and an overall improvement in digestive functioning can be seen with homeopathic medications. Homeopathy medicine for digestion does not cause any side effects and indeed helps in improving the overall health of an individual.

Dizester herbal tonic is a homeopathic formulation that has been designed and developed by Schwabe India as a comprehensive solution to most digestive problems. It is a herbal digestive tonic that enhances digestive function and regulates digestive enzymes and hormones.

It has been found to be beneficial for many dyspeptic symptoms like bloating, flatulence, heartburn, acidity, nausea and deranged digestion. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in the healing of the gastric lining.

Constipation and hemorrhoids improve significantly with the regular use of this remedy, and appetite is also improved. Colic pains are also significantly reduced with the use of this remedy.

Dizester is a combination of homeopathic remedies clinically proven to be beneficial for digestive troubles. It has no side effects and is suitable for all age groups. Purchase Dizester herbal tonic at Schwabe. Visit your homeopathic physician to get the best possible treatment for your digestion complaints.

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