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Welcome to the World of Schwabe’s Rare & Clinically Established Mother Tinctures

We welcome you to the Schwabe’s world of Rare & Clinically established mother tinctures,where you will get to see detailed information about a high quality mother tincture from Schwabe,one at a time in a series continously updated.

As you must be aware that mother tinctures are the backbone of homoeopathy, so it is all the more important to understand the value of QUALITY standards followed during the manufacture of mother tinctures. Right from the inception, Schwabe India adhered to the GMP practices as followed in Germany, at its parent plant. We, at Schwabe strictly follow the GMP guidelines & all the preparation methods as fixed by Homoeopthic pharmacopoeias are followed diligently to give you world-class mother tinctures.

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NOTE: The information which would be given in this series should not be taken as ‘total claimed indications’. A single drug may have various applications depending on the dose, dilutions and duration of use. Many mother tinctures are toxic if given in macro-doses and may have side effects if used in large doses or prolonged periods.

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