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Reasons for Gaining Weight in Winters & How To Prevent It?

Do you feel like you you’ve added on kilos in these winter months? Weight gain remains an obstinate occurrence throughout the year, and the winters are no exception. It is not uncommon to notice an increase in weight during the winter months, and even people who do not generally gain weight might add on a few kilos in this season. Multiple factors are responsible for this added flab, and in this article, we decode how, and what to do to prevent so.

Various Factors for gaining weight in Winter

A lot of people agree that food just tastes better in winter. Perhaps it is because in summer the temperature is too high to keep the ingredients in the food stable, and it spoils at a much faster rate. In winter, steaming hot food gives an altogether different satisfaction and we tend to overindulge. We also feel hungrier in the winter than we do in summer. This is because the low temperature activates our body’s heat-saving mechanisms. These mechanisms, (e.g. shivering) require energy to operate. Increased requirement of energy by the body to maintain the body temperature means that we tend to run out of fuel faster, and hence, hunger. It is therefore not very surprising that our diets do increase in cold weather than in summer. Not to mention the numerous weddings that we as Indians attend in the winter season have a major role to play in our winter weight gain.

Another factor is that our physical activity tends to reduce in winter. We do not generally stay as active as we do in warm weather. Warm beds and cosy blankets take up much of our time so that in severely cold weather only the bare minimum tasks get done. We find it hard to gather the stamina to indulge in recreational physical exertion. This inactivity and sedentary routine make gaining weight much easier.

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Comfort eating is another important cause. For a large proportion of people, winters are a difficult time for various reasons. Be it health issues, finances or anything else, there is a reason why English poetry refers to winters as sad, gloomy days. Many of us find relief and joy in having our favorite foods, and comfort eating is a real thing. A similar phenomenon is stress eating, and both of these can be attributed to weight gain.

Now the question arises what can be done to control this winter weight gain? First of all, if you were already looking forward to adding some kilos, this season is a good opportunity for you to do so, although we always encourage you to eat healthily and be physically active. If you, however, do not welcome the added weight and want to cut down on it, there are modifications that you can make in your diet as well as lifestyle for the same.

It is essential that you maintain your physical activity levels even in winter, and motivate yourself to stay active no matter how low the temperature gets. It is very tempting to stay warm and toasty in the blankets, especially in the morning, but one needs to find the motivation to take out time and energy to spend on one’s health. If you have already been engaged in physical activity, continue to do so. If not, make an effort to start any exercise of your choice.

You may take out half an hour before breakfast or even in the evening if that is what your routine demands. Yoga, jogging, aerobics, dance class or something as simple as a morning walk are all viable options to choose from. The key factor is to maintain activity levels so that the body’s metabolism does not turn sluggish and the extra calories can be burnt off. Such activities are better enjoyed in company, and it is best if you can find friends or family to join you. Motivation levels also remain higher when something is attempted in the company, after all.

The other important factor to pay attention to is diet. It is important to eat to your full and gain energy for those exhausting winter months, so remember never to starve yourself. However, attention has to be paid to what you are putting in your body. It is best to stick to genuine food sources rather than artificial or junk food. Green leafy vegetables are exceptionally good and nutritious during this season.

Pomegranates, potatoes, spinach, legumes, fish, citrus fruits, cabbage etc. are all healthy winter foods. For your munching cravings try to substitute unhealthy food with nuts, dry fruits, etc. Follow a fixed routine rather than having erratic meal timings and remember to stay hydrated. Green tea is a good substitute for coffee and it also helps to lose weight.

We are often tempted to experiment with diets and detox products available in the market to have quick weight loss. It is important to remember that whatever we put in our bodies must be a genuine and original product and not merely a fake fad brought to us by relentless advertising. It is best to stick to original products with known effects and no harmful consequences. For this reason, a homoeopathy is a safe option. In homeopathy, medicine for weight loss is available and effective. Not only are the medicines tested and proved multiple times before being brought into the market, but the effects are also well-documented so that even the general public may not remain ignorant of what a medicine can or cannot do.

Homeopathic Medicine for Weight Loss

To try homeopathic medicine for weight loss, visit Schwabe India and look for Phytolacca berry tablets. This Schwabe medicine for weight loss is frequently prescribed by homeopaths all over the country and significant results have been declared by the patients. This weight loss medicine in homeopathy has the advantage of having no side effects or adverse reactions. It is safe for people of both sexes. Additionally, there is no complicated method of taking the medicine.

The dosage is simple and easy to administer. Continued usage over a period of time leads to a perceptible loss in both weight and inches. The mechanism of action of this medicine is to regulate fat metabolism and cut down on obesity. It enhances digestion and reduces acidity as well. Thus an overall smoothening of the metabolism results, leading to significant weight loss in the long run. This medicine, combined with a nutritious diet and an active lifestyle, will help you stay healthy for a long, long time.

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