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Boosting immune system: Prevent Cold & Flu with Homeopathy

With the change in season every few months, it is inevitable to avoid the seasonal cold and cough that spreads rapidly. Children bring the virus home from school, infect one member of the family who infects the next, and before long the entire family has had an attack of the seasonal flu. The disease generally runs its course uninterrupted for five to seven days, and even with medications only gets slightly less virulent.

Even though the seasonal cold and cough are barely harmful in the long run, it does account for a major loss of work and productivity. This is because even something as seemingly trivial as a blocked nose can in fact be a great discomfort that brings down energy levels significantly.

People with poor immune systems are readily influenced by these seasonal viruses. Sudden change in temperature is the most commonly met causative factor. Perhaps coming home from the outside heat you switched on the fan to the maximum setting, or drank cold water right after coming from the sun. Or it could be that you enjoyed ice cream on a very hot day, or took a cold bath right after coming home from playing sports. There can be many other examples.

When the immunity is weak the body is unable to adapt to these sudden changes in temperature and becomes susceptible to infections. As we are aware these infections are highly contagious and spread rapidly. School children are especially notorious for carrying these infections at home. If one child in the class gets infected the entire class becomes prone to the illness.

Cold and cough that occurs with changing season show some typical signs and symptoms. Often the symptoms begin with sneezing or a stitch in the throat. This is followed by a running nose which is initially watery but may become thick once the bacterial infection gets superadded. The sneezes are violent and frequent and may feel like scraping the throat. The nose becomes blocked and this is worse at night when the person lies down. This makes sleep very difficult. Pain in the throat is also seen. This pain very commonly also travels to one or both ears which make the person very uncomfortable. If the illness is particularly virulent fever may also appear.

Chilliness and shivering are also frequently seen. Headache, nausea and malaise are common. With these symptoms, there is a general sense of weakness, fatigue and lack of energy. It is therefore not surprising that both the amount and quality of work done by a person suffering from the seasonal cold and cough are affected adversely.

It is important to build up our immunity, and it is important to start as early as possible. The major portion of building up our immunity is the dietary factor. What we eat and how we eat both impacts our health, and one cannot develop strong immunity based on unhealthy food. A diet rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals is absolutely essential.

Eggs and milk must be a part of daily routine to build strong immunity. Also, green vegetables and fruits are irreplaceable. Apples, oranges, broccoli, spinach, nuts, basil, honey, ginger and garlic, and even fruits like amla are all important additions to make in the diet. Also, one must not forget the part played by something so basic: water. Water sustains us, our life as well as our bodies. Proper intake of water is an absolute must.

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Homoeopathic medicine for immunity can be started from a very young age to get the best results in children. It is always better to take homeopathic medicine for immune system enhancement because it can be taken for a long time without any repercussions. Homeopathic remedies for immune deficiency are proven to work effectively to enhance a body’s defense system. These medicines are best taken when the symptoms of an acute illness have passed. They can then be continued for a longer time to establish a strong foothold in the system.

To take medicine for weak immune system, it is best to first get evaluated on the status of one’s health. Basic investigations are advised to get the correct picture of a body’s metabolism and health status. Blood investigations are done to assess where a person stands on the spectrum of health. Liver function tests are also frequently advised as an unhealthy liver severely impacts immunity. Depending on a person’s symptoms, other tests may also be advised. Once the doctor gets a clear picture of a person’s health status and which areas are weak, medicine can be started to focus on that particular aspect as well as health in general.

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic remedies work at many levels. At the most basic level, they help to counter the signs and symptoms that develop during an attack of the seasonal cold and cough. They deal with the infection efficiently to minimize discomfort and cure the body of the illness rapidly.

At a deeper level, these remedies help to enhance and stimulate the body’s immune response so that subsequent infections become weaker and gradually the body becomes strong enough to overthrow these infections. With time the person is able to avoid becoming infected and health improves significantly.

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In India, a wide range of homeopathic medicines are manufactured by Schwabe India. For immunity, their medicines are seen to work rapidly and efficiently. Tonics and general health medicines are also available to help in making a person strong from within.

Homeopathic remedies do not cause any side effects and can be given safely to young children. Thus, in small children along with a good diet homeopathic remedies can be added to help them build a strong constitution and make them capable of repelling infections. With time, these children are seen to have better immunity than their fellows and do not need to miss school as often.

These homeopathic immunity booster medicines are available at registered medical pharmacies as well as online. Check out their range of homeopathic remedies and products at Schwabe India.

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