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5 Surprising Everyday Uses of Cool Talc

Long associated with the kid’s bathing time and an amicable visit to the grandmother’s house, the talcum powder is a bathroom staple for generations. But how many of us actually use it?

The Schwabe’s B&T Cool Talc refreshes and relaxes your body from the unbearable heat and excessive sweating. It is enriched with Azadirachta Indica, Berberis Aquifolium, Calendula, Mentha Piperita and Ocimum Sanctum. Here are some of the brilliant uses of Schwabe’s B&T Cool Talc.

1. As a deodorant

The B&T Cool Talc works wonders at absorbing sweat from underneath the arms. If you are struggling to find an effective deodorant to keep you dry during the summer, then this one is ideal as it contains neither the irritants nor sticks to the natural extracts to prevent sweat stains and odours from ruining your day.

2. All day long fresh sensation

The B&T Cool Talc gives a fresh feeling which lasts all throughout the day. This talc can effectively absorb sweat and oil leaving you feeling fresh all day long. It also fights the odour and keeps you feeling fresh with a lingering scent all day long.

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3. Use talc to wipe away sand

There is nothing more frustrating than applying sun cream to the parts of the skin covered in sand. Sprinkle the power on areas which have sand stuck to you and wipe it off later. The sweat, oil and water that makes the sand stick to the skin will be absorbed by the powder, meaning that it will be easily wiped off the skin.

4. Helps manage the heat

The B&T Cool Talc helps you manage prickly heat and keeps you fresh and cool under this scorching summer heat. If you are fond of running, especially in the summer, you are prone to chafing. Applying some talc to the parts and will reduce the friction when you run and leave your skin smooth.

5. Refreshes from the heat and sweating

Schwabe’s B&T Cool Talc also refreshes and relaxes the body from the unbearable heat and excessive sweating. The powder significantly helps you to feel cool and stay at bay from bad body odour.

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