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The Complete Guide to Medicine During Pregnancy and The Expectant Mother’s Health


Pregnancy refers to the time during which the fetus grows and develops inside the uterus or womb of a woman. In humans, pregnancy lasts for usually about nine months or around 40 weeks, which is measured from the woman’s last menstrual period till delivery. Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters.
During pregnancy, the growing baby’s development hugely depends on the diet and medication intake by the mother. This article will shed light on the importance of homeopathic medicine in pregnancy as well as tips to promote the expectant’s mother’s health.

What are the common troubles that may occur during the three trimesters of pregnancy?

The common problems that may occur during the three trimesters are:-

1. First Trimester

The first trimester lasts from week 1 to week 12. It is the most delicate period of the pregnancy as all the vital organ systems of the fetal body are formed during this trimester.
Common troubles during the first trimester are:-

  • Breasts enlargement and tenderness
  • Pain in the lower abdomen
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Mood swings
  • Nausea and vomiting or morning sickness. This in some cases badly affects fetal and maternal nutrition.
  • Indigestion, heartburn, gas and constipation
  • Easy fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • In rare cases vaginal bleeding

2. Second Trimester

It lasts from 12-24 weeks. During this trimester both the fetus and mother’s body keeps growing.
Common problems during this trimester are:-

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Preterm labor
  • Preterm premature rupture of the membranes which can lead to preterm delivery
  • Cervical insufficiency
  • Preeclampsia
  • Injuries and falls
  • Respiratory problems, stuffy nose, snoring or in some cases even nosebleeds.
  • Sleep problems such as insomnia
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Bleeding gums-Also periodontal diseases during pregnancy can lead to low- birth weight babies or even preterm delivery.
  • Constipation and haemorrhoids which can be very painful and itchy

3. Third Trimester

It lasts from 24- 40 weeks. During this time the organ systems in the fetus finish maturing.
Common problems during this trimester are:-

  • Preeclampsia
  • Preterm labor or labor before the normal maturity time of pregnancy which is around 37weeks.
  • Intrauterine growth retardation
  • Placental abruption
  • Insomnia
  • Breathing problems
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Depression
  • Deep vein thrombosis causes pain and swelling in the legs

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What are the tips to stay healthy during pregnancy?

The tips to stay healthy during pregnancy are:-

First Trimester Tips

Consume a wholesome diet. Certain food items that are helpful during this time are:-

  • Fruits such as watermelon, oranges, lemons, mangoes and bananas
  • Spinach
  • Whole grains such as millets, rice and corn
  • Boiled eggs
  • Fresh dark-coloured vegetables such as carrot, broccoli, beetroot, beans and okra
  • Dairy products like milk, yoghurt and curd
  • Take multivitamins tablets to meet the growing nutritional demands during pregnancy.
  • Prefer consuming home-cooked food items to avoid the risk of taking preservatives.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Exercise regularly. Walking and swimming are good options. It is also important not to overdo any exercise during this period.
  • Do Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking or illegal drugs
  • If required take only one cup of tea or coffee in a day
  • Avoid raw fish & smoked seafood
  • Avoid cat litter
  • Limit intake of fats or highly processed food
  • Consume food with essential oils
  • Limit intake of artificial sweeteners
  • Take pasteurized dairy products
  • Avoid raw food

Second Trimester Tips

In addition to the above tips

  • Limit seafood intake to 8-12 ounces in a week and avoid large fish which contain a high amount of mercury
  • Food cravings- Many pregnant women develop cravings for certain food items such as chocolate, spicy food, fruits and comfort food such as cereals and mashed potatoes. One can give in to these likings more often if they are healthy for the body.
  • Food aversion- Many pregnant females develop a strong dislike for certain food items. This can be problematic if the aversion is to some healthy food item. In such cases, some other food item or supplement can be advised by the physician.
  • Avoid dieting to lose weight during pregnancy as it can be harmful to both the baby and the mother.

Third Trimester Tips

In addition to the above tips

  • Eat a wholesome diet and consume about 300 calories more than normal during this period
  • Exercise regularly unless there is pain or swelling of the legs
  • Do regular Kegel exercise
  • Take plenty of sleep and rest
  • Keep gums and teeth healthy
  • Avoid medications such as isotretinoin for acne, thalidomide, acitretin for psoriasis and ACE for hypertension
  • Avoid aeroplane flights or long car trips if possible.

What prenatal vitamins should a pregnant lady take?

Prenatal vitamins are special supplements for pregnant women. They help to cover up for any nutritional deficiency in the diet. The best time to start these prenatal vitamins is before even conception. Folic acid supplements need to be started at least one month before conception in order to avoid any birth defects.

The prenatal vitamin must have an adequate amount of folic acid, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B12, vitamin E, zinc, iron and iodine. Supplements containing Omega-3 fatty acids and choline may also be required to improve health during pregnancy.

What homeopathic medicines are required during pregnancy?

Careful prescribing of medicine during pregnancy is important or else adverse side effects can occur to both the mother and the growing fetus. Homeopathic medicines during pregnancy, post-natal period and lactation help in the safe and effective treatment of various health problems.

Homeopathic medicines help in conception as well as sustain a pregnancy to term in females who have a history of miscarriages. Homeopathic medicine in pregnancy helps to remove mental symptoms such as depression, insomnia, mood swings and physical symptoms such as indigestion, constipation, backache, itching etc in the mother. Rightly prescribed homeopathic medicine make the process of labor comparatively hassle-free for the mother.

Postpartum troubles such as septicemia, depression, insufficient or poor quality milk production, and retention of urine are some of the troubles that are very well managed with homeopathic medicines

Homeopathic medicine given to the mother in pregnancy also helps to remove constitutional weakness in the growing fetus.

To choose the right homeopathic medicine for an expectant mother the trained physician takes a detailed case record of the mother. Symptoms from both mental and physical spheres since the time of conception are carefully elicited by the physician to find the most similimum constitutional medicine for the patient.


Common Homeopathic Pregnancy Medicine List

Arnica– It is used to counteract the bad effects of loss of excessive blood during labour as well as soreness of the pelvis after delivery.

Caulophyllum– It is useful during labor when the uterine contractions are not sufficient and the patient is fretful and exhausted.

Collinsonia Canadensis– It is useful to treat constipation and piles that develops during pregnancy. The piles are painful, bleeding with itching of the anus.

Kali carbonicum-It is useful to treat backache that follows labor. The pain is stitching in character that increases between 2-4 A.M. and is relieved by motion.

Ratanhia – It is useful to treat terrible toothache that occurs during the early months of pregnancy which aggravates lying down and compels the patient to rise and walk about. It is also helpful to treat fissured nipples in nursing women.

Ricinus communis– This medicine has a very beneficial role to improve the quantity and quality of milk produced by the lactating mother.

Sepia officinalis – It is useful to treat diseases of women that occur during pregnancy and lactation which are associated with sudden prostration sinking faintness sensation of a ball in inner parts. Constipation and morning sickness responds well to this remedy.

Symphoricarpus– This medicine is particularly useful to treat persistent nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. There may be associated indigestion, fickle appetite, water brash and bitter taste.


Pregnancy is a beautiful experience in the life of a female. It lasts for around nine months or about 40 weeks as measured from the last menstrual period. Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. Each trimester poses its own set of problems for the expectant mother. One can deal with these problems by following certain dietary and lifestyle tips.

Consume enough calories to meet the growing need of the baby, and consume a wholesome diet rich in fruits, fresh dark vegetables, whole grains and pasteurized dairy products.

Stay hydrated, exercise regularly, and do Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Avoid smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs, processed and junk food, raw food, too much seafood, artificial sweeteners and certain medicines with known teratogenic effects during pregnancy. Take plenty of rest and sleep.

It is also important to maintain oral hygiene during pregnancy. Avoid long travel and aeroplane flights, especially during the last trimester. It is also important to take prenatal multivitamins daily to meet the nutritional needs of the developing fetus.

For the treatment of various physical or mental health problems related to pregnancy and labor homeopathy provides an effective and safe option. Well-selected homeopathic medicines given to pregnant women for various troubles can even remove the constitutional weaknesses in the developing fetus. It is however advised to refer to a trained physician for medicine instead of self-drugging at home.

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