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Summer – The Season of Allergies

People equate spring and autumn with allergies. However, the end of spring doesn’t mean the end of allergies and discomfort. It is merely a shift and change of symptoms. For many the summer season comes along with its own set of allergies.

As summer approaches the weather conditions become dry and much of the vegetation dies. There are high humidity levels, which generate an excellent environment for the mold fungi to grow. One of the most common summer allergies is the summer cold.

A summer cold is a misnomer. Contrary to the typical winter cold, which is basically a viral infection, the “summer cold” is the result of an allergic reaction to airborne particles. It involves an irritating inflammation of the nose. This allergy may interfere with your daily lifestyle and cause damage to your health. You must immediately consult a doctor and take medication for this. Homeopathy has been effective in treating the summer cold. You can always take homeopathy medicine for allergy. However, we recommend you to consult a doctor before that.

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Apart from medication, here are some of the self-help measures you can follow to manage the allergy to get through another summer:

  • Wear a pollen mask when outdoors for a long period of time.
  • Keep doors and windows buttoned up; and turn the air-conditioner to “recirculate.”
  • Change or clean air-conditioner filters monthly.
  • Avoid high diving. The pressure changes that come with diving into water can aggravate ears that “pop” and/or are plugged due to the symptoms caused by allergens.
  • Be proactive. Dust mites depend on a high humidity summer for their autumn population explosion. So take reasonable steps.
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