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Sore Muscles? Why this happens & How to ease Muscular Pain?

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A busy daily routine where there is a typical 9 to 5 or more office work hours and it is continuous sitting work or a sedentary lifestyle where physical exertion is minimal and calorie intake is more than required. These formerly stated conditions are making you unfit and prone to many lifestyle disorders along with diminished stamina. So when you amidst all such scenario get aware of these risks and somehow starts to exercise, there comes another hurdle, soreness of muscles after exercise.

You must have felt pain in your body parts after exercise or after some unusual physical exertion. This painful sensation is nothing but the soreness of muscles which is a result of this exertion. This develops after you start exercising for the first time or after a long time and even after an unusual physical exertion. This is a common phenomenon and occurs due to the fatigue of muscles. So, one should not get anxious over this common phenomenon and should accept it as an integral part of their workout.

Muscle soreness can be of two types depending upon its onset after physical exertion. These are:

  • Acute muscle soreness: This develops shortly or immediately after physical exertion. It develops due to the exhaustion of labile energy sources of muscles which leads to the accumulation of lactic acid in them. This accumulation results in a burning and sore kind of sensation in the affected parts. As speedily this condition develops, it goes back to almost the same place.
  • Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS): It develops after 24 to 72 hours after physical exertion and a sensation of stiffness with pain is felt in the muscles. This occurs due to tiny tears in the muscle’s fibres and its surrounding tissues during the workout. This results from any unusual workout to which the body is not accustomed.

Chances are high of getting both types of soreness after an unusual moderate to intense workout. With the continuation of your workout and its increased intensity, this pain and soreness can get reduced with time.

Muscle soreness can be a result of the following reasons:

  • At the beginning of some workout or exercise for the first time.
  • This can be a result of the addition of some new exercise in your workout.
  • From an increase in intensity or duration of the exercises.
  • Due to continuous repetition of the tasks or exercises without any rest in between.
  • From any unusual and vigorous activity other than your routine schedules.

It is a common phenomenon and makes your muscles stronger during their repair by becoming larger and stronger. Once they get repaired, then the continuation of the same level of the workout will not affect you in the previously painful manner and improves your stamina as well. People whose profession includes excessive physical exertion are at a higher risk of facing this condition. For example, athletes, bodybuilders, etc.

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Muscle soreness can be removed by performing some gentle exercises like walking or light stretching. Gentle exercises improve blood circulation in the affected area which helps in removing the accumulated waste Products like lactic acid in the muscles provide nourishment to the affected muscles and help in healing. Another way to calm your muscle’s soreness is to use hot fomentation or a heating pad which helps in decreasing the discomfort but for a short period of time. Mild soreness of muscles can be treated by continuing the exercises. But if the soreness is severe due to overuse of muscles, then you need some medicine for it as it can be damaging to your muscles. There are many homeopathic medicines which help in removing the soreness of muscles into a short period of time. These are selected according to the symptoms given by the patient and their similarity with the medicine given in materia medica according to homeopathic principles. A list of commonly used homeopathic medicines for soreness of muscles is below. Consult a registered homeopathic doctor for its prescription and do not take them on your own.

ARNICA MONTANA: This is one of the most frequently used medicine for soreness of muscles after overexertion. The person gets a sensation as if the muscles have been bruised or beaten. Feeling as if the muscles of limbs are sprained or dislocated. Due to soreness in the muscles, everything on which he lies seems too hard to be lied upon.

BAPTISIA TINCTORA: Indicated for soreness and bruised sensation especially in the back and extremities. For sleeplessness and restlessness due to soreness of muscles. Pain and soreness get aggravated from humid heat and inside the home.

CIMICIFUGA RACEMOSA: This medicine is indicated when the soreness of muscles of limbs is accompanied with a painful sensation. This is accompanied by an uneasy and restless feeling in the extremities. Can be given for cramps along with soreness of muscles after exercise. These complaints get aggravated in the morning and from cold.

GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS: To be given when there is fatigue after slight exertion. Indicated when there is a dull and heaviness sensation in the limbs and back. For languor and bruised sensation in muscles especially of the back. For pain especially in the neck and lumbosacral region which extends upward. Can be given when the soreness is accompanied by trembling and weakness of all limbs.

MAGNOLIA GRATIFOLIA: To be given when soreness of muscles is accompanied by their stiffness. Soreness is increased when quiet. Pains are sharp and erratic with stiffness. Especially joints are affected. Soreness gets worse in the morning especially on the first rising and from lying on the left side.

RHUS TOXICODENDRON: Indicated for soreness of muscles after overstraining or stretching of muscles or from over-lifting. It is accompanied by restlessness. Affected parts also feel sore to the touch. Symptoms are aggravated on first moving after rest gets better after continued motion.

RUTA GRAVEOLANS: One of the frequently used medicines for soreness and tenderness of muscles tendons. All the parts feel as if bruised when he lies down. Soreness and pain in muscles get worse while lying down. Due to soreness person gets a sensation as if he has been bruised after a fall or a blow.

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