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7 Ways to Relieve and Prevent Joint Pain

Life with joint pain is not only difficult, it is also downright limiting. Every action, every task that we generally do not give a second thought to, becomes a chore with aching joints. Something as simple and routine as going to the washroom becomes a herculean task. The condition is so common that we can think of at least a few people around us suffering from joint pains whenever the term is mentioned. Indeed, joint pain is one of the major causes of disability specially in the elderly community.

Pain is a very intimate process. It is neither visible nor quantifiable. And yet, it is a massive hindrance to our daily life. Although people suffering from joint pains may sometimes learn to live with it, they shouldn’t have to. It is important to reinforce the belief (specially among the elderly) that life without pain or with minimum pain can be achieved, with the systematic help of homeopathic remedies for joint pains.

Here are 7 ways to achieve this:

Start young!

Your body, just like any machine, is prone to wear and tear. Unlike any machine, however, your body has the ability to repair itself of minor issues without any external aid. However, it does require the raw materials to build up a strong structural foundation. From a young age, it is imperative that we pay attention to what we are feeding our body and how we are handling it. It is essential to take a diet that helps provide strength to our bones and joints. Stock up on dark green leafy vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals. Needless to say, calcium is indispensable. Add to your diet milk and milk products. Citrus fruits also help greatly to keep the joints healthy. Ghee and butter in moderate quantities also help to keep our joints functional. You may also take walnuts and cherries. A balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals and low in saturated fats and sugar can help maintain your joint health for the longest time.

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Keep your joints in motion!

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest enemies to good health in modern times. Going again with our machine analogy, disuse leads to stiffness and locking of joints. It is important to maintain physical activity to keep our joints dynamically functional. We always hear of the numerous benefits of exercise, and joints are also affected favorably by physical activity. Regular exercise over the course of time helps keep a body fit and active. It also keeps disease at bay. Not merely joint complaints but also multiple chronic diseases (like diabetes, cardiovascular disease) can be prevented by regular exercise.

Maintain a healthy body weight

By no means does maintaining a healthy weight mean starving yourself or obsessing over an arbitrary ideal body type. Maintaining a healthy weight means preventing yourself from being under or overweight. Obesity is the major risk factor here. An obese body puts undue pressure and strain on the joints, which over time they may be unable to bear. This causes gradual eroding and de-shaping of the joints so that structural flaws set in. Once the structural changes appear it is very difficult to fully revert to the original state. Therefore, weight management must be attempted under the supervision of a qualified dietician and physical therapist.

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Pack up the cigarette pack!

You have heard it countless times and will probably hear it as many times again: smoking kills. However, the truth of the matter is far more complex than these two words. Smoking disintegrates and breaks down our body systems gradually so that you may not even notice the damage caused. Bones and joints are negatively impacted by tobacco and nicotine consumption and the risk of bone diseases like osteoporosis is enhanced with cigarette smoking. Many other conditions like bursitis and tendonitis are more likely to occur in smokers. These also heal later than in non-smokers. Smokers are also more likely to suffer from bone and joint pains.

Get into the Yoga zone

Yoga is not just a physical activity but a complete workout for the mind and body. Not only does it keep us active and fit it also channels our negative thoughts and fears into a positive perspective. Different types of yoga postures are useful for different health conditions. You can practice plenty of poses to help move your joints to their full range of motion.

Manage pain wisely

It is necessary that your joints get care and attention any time they have an injury, pain or discomfort. Develop good posture habits to prevent undue pressure on your body. If you are into sports, always use protective gear. Give your joints rest and relaxation after prolonged exertion. Apply hot fomentation to your joints in case of any sprain or injury. If inflamed, give adequate rest to your joints and take a healthy diet with plenty of water. Continued exertion even with injured, sprained or painful joints can be seriously detrimental to the overall integrity of the joints system. Be kind to your body and be wise about your health.

Treat the underlying condition with homeopathy

If you have ever wondered? Is homeopathy effective for joint pains, then the answer is, it most certainly is. It is greatly beneficial to take homeopathic medicine for joint pain because it does not cause any added harm to our bones and joints. Not only does homeopathic treatment helps in managing and reducing the pain, the underlying disease causing the joint problem in the first place can be very well managed by homeopathy. Even in the cases of injuries, homeopathy helps a sprained or inflamed joint to recover faster. Thus, homeopathic treatment for joint pain is a good alternative to surgery. Continued usage of homeopathic medications will over time give strength and mobility to stiffened and painful joints. Homeopathy is also highly effective for joint problems like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, etc.

You can consult a homeopathic practitioner for advice about how to tackle your joint problems through homeopathy. To buy homeopathic medicine for joint pains, visit Schwabe India for original and genuine quality products.

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