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Quick Tips to Calm Your Anxious Mind

Anxiety has an effect on different people in different ways. You do not have to be diagnosed with a disorder to feel the intrusive effects. Here are a few ways to ease the anxiety healthfully –

1. Meditative Shower –

It is easy to calm your mind when you are standing under the stream of water under the perfect temperature for you. Enjoy the soothing sensation of the water on the skin and feel it drip down your body. Do not judge the thoughts or yourself for having them. But, visualize them going in the drain and bringing your focus back to the experience of cleansing the mind and body.

2. Practice Mindfulness –

Try to observe your thoughts rather than reacting automatically to them. Take them as clouds floating by. Try to untangle yourself and just observe the thoughts rather than reacting to them.

3. Watchful eating –

Instead of eating quickly, turn your mealtime into meditation. Breathe deeply and identify the different nuances in each item on your plate. Take deep breaths between each bite and think about the meal like a foodie appreciating the different textures and flavours. If you find the thoughts to wander to things you have done or have to do, bring your attention to the hand. Breathe deeply, take a bite and focus on savouring the food in front of you.

4. Stay in Present –

Does your mind keep working? If something negative happened in the past does not mean it will happen now as well. Ask and question yourself if your coping abilities have changed since the last time. As an adult, you have more choice about who you wish to be associated with and be able to identify or leave a bad situation as a child.

5. Homeopathic Medicines for anxiety –

Homeopathic medicines for anxiety are safe and modern alternative to medications having side-effects. Schwabe’s homeopathic medicines for anxiety are well proven for their efficacy and safety. Arsenicum album, Alpha TS, Argentum nitricum, Kali Phosphoricum and many more are there to treat anxiety. However, one should always consult a qualified homeopath before taking any medications.

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