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Is your Winter Diet giving you Piles Symptoms?

What is Piles?

Piles, also known medically as hemorrhoids, is a condition that does not have a smooth or direct path to healing. There are flares and relapses time and again dependent on a variety of trigger factors. These trigger factors range from diet and lifestyle to stress. Eradicating the problem of piles altogether is a very time taking and difficult process, although homeopathy is the surest way to achieve the same.

Piles, or hemorrhoids, means the engorgement and swelling of veins around the rectal region. They occur due to increased pressure in these veins, which may in turn develop due to prolonged constipation, a harmful diet, or several other factors. Piles is common in all age groups, and affects both sexes. Chronic high blood pressure in the portal circulation and increased intra-abdominal pressure are both factors that contribute to piles formation over time. Once established, piles are difficult to eradicate and lead to complications like fistulae, fissures, etc.

Just as our dietary habits have changed over time, so has the incidence of piles increased. Our diets are greatly different from what they used to be. The quantity of fibers, green vegetables, fruits and water have all reduced in comparison to an increase in fatty, oily, greasy foods, colas, sugars, etc. Of course, such a diet wreaks havoc to our digestive processes. Digestion is neither as smooth nor as efficient as it should be when such foodstuffs are ingested at a regular rate. Low water content adds on to the problem of constipation. Sustained constipation for years together may eventually turn into piles.

Our diets also change as per seasons, and our winter diet can lead to an aggravation of the piles complaints. In winters, we tend to indulge in more of salts and fats. A large number of people feel that food is better enjoyed in cold weather rather than summers, and it is not surprising that an overindulgence may happen. We enjoy dry fruits and nuts more in winters than we do in summers, and even these may worsen the problem of hemorrhoids. Coffee is another culprit; increased intake of coffee can slow down the bowels and lead to an aggravation of an existing piles condition. Not only that, since our body temperature remains low in winters, blood flow to the hemorrhoids is lesser and hence an aggravation results. Piles, like any other problem, need blood to heal quicker. Also, our water intake is reduced significantly in the cold weather, and this also causes constipation and in turn aggravates piles. Plus, we are naturally less active during winters, and this inactivity also worsens the problem to some extent. We may also feel lazy enough in the cold weather to postpone going to the washroom to empty our bowels, and this postponing puts pressure on the veins and makes the problem worse. Thus, not only the winter diet but the overall winter experience can aggravate this problem. It is safe to say that piles are generally worse in winters than in summers. Naturally, high stress and anxiety levels will always make the problem ten times worse.

Piles can also be a hereditary issue; people having piles often pass on the propensity to their children. Gastric issues and weak digestion also run in families. Pregnancy is yet another major risk factor in which heavy weight as well as the high intraabdominal pressure tend to put pressure on the veins so that piles often result in this state. Homeopathy helps in this condition as well.

It is not very difficult to diagnose piles. Generally, all your doctor needs is your clinical history and a routine examination of the affected area. Piles can be internal or external, and both of these can usually be diagnosed in a clinical setting. An enquiry about bowel habits, consistency and constituents of the stool will usually yield answers for your doctor. Laboratory tests are usually not required. Once your piles are diagnosed clinically, the next order of business is to begin treatment as soon as possible.

Homeopathy for Piles

Homeopathy can help you deal with the aggravated state of hemorrhoids very efficiently. However, basic precautions and modifications in diet and lifestyle remain important. It is necessary to maintain hydration and avoid constipation at all costs. Do include dietary fiber in your meals ? fruits and green leafy vegetables can help you with this. In winters, green leafy vegetables are especially nutritious. Avoid high levels of salt. Keep your coffee intake to a minimum. Cut down on fats, oils and greasy foods as well and try to switch to soups as they are very helpful in winters. Identify your trigger factors and keep them to a minimum to avoid exacerbation.

Also, remember to keep up your physical activity levels so that circulation does not become sluggish or stagnant. It is important to continue exercising so as to keep the body moving and reduce the risk of piles.

Sitz bath can help in managing piles when they have already developed. It is a simple therapeutic procedure in which the person sits in a shallow tub/chamber full of warm water so as to soothe the anal and genital region. Among other benefits, sitz bath greatly helps in soothing piles and promotes healing. It is advised that people suffering from hemorrhoids must take frequent sitz baths.

In case the problem persists even after modifications in diet as well as physical activity, treatment must be started to control the symptoms and then eradicate the problem altogether. In homeopathy treatment for piles is not only effective but also safe from side effects and complications. Therefore, there is no harm in starting homeopathic treatment right from the beginning, along with the dietary changes. Homeopathy not only helps to manage the pain, swelling and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids, it also improves the blood circulation and the digestive efficiency so that both portal stasis as well as constipation become better. In this way the hemorrhoids improve not only temporarily but also show significant reduction in the long run.

If you have ever visited a homeopathic physician before, you know that their case taking process varies from that of an allopath. Their questions are broader and more open-ended, and there are many of those. This is because in homeopathy the same diagnosed condition can be treated by widely different remedies depending on the symptoms. Thus, two people can have piles, but if one of those has bleeding piles while the other has non-bleeding ones, the medicine would vary.

This is why it is imperative that on your visit to the homeopath you explain your symptoms in detail and take your time. The origin and development of the complaints along with the causative factors are of prime importance. Keep in mind that the causative factors are not merely physical or dietary ? in a vast proportion of cases they can be emotional factors as well. Mental conflicts, stress and emotional upsets are majorly responsible for triggering an attack of a previously settled condition. Homeopathy has a great command on these emotional and mental causative factors and can help deal with such problems rapidly and efficiently.
Schwabe India manufactures homeopathic remedies for almost all conditions and hemorrhoids are no exception. You can buy these after consultation from a homeopath at any registered homeopathic dispensary. To buy homeopathic medicine for piles in India on the internet, visit Schwabe India. These medicines are genuine, efficient and manufactured as per international protocols. Remember to watch your diet along with the medicines and the problem would clear up very soon.

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