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How to cure Viral Fever and Cough with Effective Homeopathic Medicines?

Are you looking for an absolute remedy to cure viral fever and cough? Then homeopathy is best for you. The medicines are safe and reliable to cure the various signs and symptoms of infections. Effective homeopathic medicines for viral fever and cough are easily available at online stores.

In viral fever, there are infections caused due to raised body temperature. There are several number of infections from which some are recognized by their symptoms. These viral infections show universal signs, but they target to the particular body parts. Most of the infections are transmitted when you inhale air, consume contaminated food, or water. When this virus enters into the body it multiplies to a higher level and causes infection. The first sig n of viral fever are strong chills, and a fever of 100 to 102 degree F.A. That proceeds with fatigue, anxiety, weakness, muscle aches and fever with cold and cough.

Viral infection also causes fever with abdominal pain and diarrhea, cough and shortness of breath. The signs and symptoms of coughs can be acute or persistent, some are dry and others are productive. In the productive cough sputum or mucus is common. A cough causes lung infections such as pneumonia or acute bronchitis and sinusitis. Here are some recognized homeopathic medicines that are generally advised for viral fever and cough:

Bryonia alba cures the headaches and body aches. It reduces the irritation caused due to fever, chills or a fever spike around 8-9 pm. Bryonia is one of the best homeopathy medicines for cough also. It cures a dry and concussive cough, chest pains and pain in other parts of the body.

Arsenicum album cures illness caused in the middle of the night especially between 1 and 2 am. It is best for the patients who may wake up with chills, diarrhea or vomiting and restlessness.

Nux vomica is also an effective homeopathic medicine for viral fever. It reduces the symptoms of chills and digestive complaints like nausea or cramping pains without causing any side-effects.

Rhus tox is best when the fever approaches on and after exposing to cold and damp wet environment and restlessness is increased to tossing and turning on the bed. Belladonna cures the sudden onset of high fever around the midnight, pulsating type of a headache and redness of face. It is also a good homeopathy medicine for cough and to cure the soreness, tenderness, and viral fever. When there is catarrh in the nose with thick discharge, ears are blocked and it is worse at night but better in the fresh air, Pulsatilla is the best remedy to treat these symptoms of cough. In the end please remember, that it is always best to consult a homeopathic doctor before taking these medicines. Homeopathy cures these acute symptoms of fever and cough by using common medicines at times.

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