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Homeopathic Medicine for Calcium

Among the many minerals required for healthy functioning and the growth of the bones in the body, calcium holds great importance. It plays a vital role in the human body in the process of development and also in preventing bone loss by improving the strength of the bones. It also prevents a range of bone disorders such as low bone density and brittle bones. It is noted that calcium deficiency may not just affect the bones but also lead to mental and behavioural disorders.

Calcium is naturally present in huge quantities in milk. However, some people are intolerant to lactose. Lactose is a sugar component found in milk. When one cannot tolerate it, the small intestine fails to produce the enzyme called as lactase in the required quantities.
It is this enzyme which takes care of the process of digesting lactose. Such people can introduce other calcium-based foods to ensure that the body does not move in the calcium deficiency mode.

For people who cannot have milk, here are a few natural remedies for the body to absorb calcium content

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1. Banana is a rich source of phosphorus and is a good source of calcium.
2. Sunlight is a good source of Vitamin D.
3. Eating sesame seeds or drinking honey and lemon juice can also prove to be helpful.
4. Kale, spinach and other greenies have high calcium content.
5. Soya and milk products also help fight against the deficiency of calcium.

Schwabe also offers a number of effective homeopathic medicines for calcium deficiency management. Here are a few most common homeopathic medicines to manage calcium. Please note that normally homoeopathic medicines do not supplement the mineral as such, but help in the assimilation and metabolism of that particular mineral.

1. Calcarea phosphorica 3x & 6x for general calcium assimilation
2. Calcarea fluorica 3x & 6x for calcium deficiency with caries of nail and teeth
3. Cochlearia Armoracia MT contains rich calcium
4. Essentia Infantia for calcium and iron metabolism
5. Symphytum Officinale for bone re-union
6. Calcarea Carbonica is a constitutional remedy for persons of fatty and flabby in nature with calcium problems

However, you can choose the remedy according to your requirements. Sometimes calcium supplements are recommended for people suffering from calcium deficiency but always remember excessive intake may lead to other side effects. You can however choose natural therapies or stick to homeopathic remedies which work without producing any side effects. The best results are yielded after the proper consultation with a professional homeopath.

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